Scorecard visibility for internal applicants


Scorecards are an internal tool that enable a Hiring Team to aggregate and communicate their assessments about a candidate. As such, scorecards are never visible to external candidates.

However, internal applicants may have access to their own scorecards and other candidate scorecards depending on how your organization configures Hiring Team permissions. In this article, we will provide three configurations to ensure an internal candidate does not have access to their own scorecard.


Remove Job Admin Permission Level

The simplest and most direct way to ensure an internal candidate does not have access to their own scorecard for a job is to remove their permissions from the job. If your organization knows beforehand that an internal team member will be applying to a job, do not assign the Job Admin permission level for the job in question to the applicant's user account.

If an internal applicant is already assigned Job Admin permission levels for the job, your organization can remove and reassign the permission by clicking the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigating to Users on the left-hand panel.

Select the User account from the subsequent list.


From the Edit User Account page, navigate to the Permissions panel and click the pane next to Job-Based Permissions.


From the subsequent list of current job-based permissions for the user, click the Edit icon edit.png next to the job that the internal applicant is applying for and use the dropdown menu to set the permission to None.

When finished, click Save.


The user will no longer have permissions to access any scorecards for the particular job.


Make Internal Applicant's Candidate Profile Private

It is possible that your organization may not want to de-escalate a user's permission level. This is often true if the user has additional responsibilities in your organization and is assigned Site Admin level permissions. If this is the case, your organization can make the internal applicant's candidate profile private.

Note: Additionally, you will need to ensure that the internal candidate with Site Admin level permissions does not have the additional user-specific permission Can create and view private candidates.

To make an internal applicant's candidate profile private, click All Candidates from your navigation bar and navigate to the internal applicant's candidate profile from the subsequent list.


From the internal applicant's candidate profile, navigate to the Tools panel on the left-hand side and click Make Private.


The internal applicant's candidate profile is now private. While the internal applicant can see their candidate profile from the All Candidate's list, they will be unable to access the profile.



Link User Account to Candidate Profile

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