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Link User Account to Candidate Profile


In order to protect the integrity of your organization's hiring process, you can link a Greenhouse user's account to a candidate profile to keep any user from seeing the details of their own candidate profiles. In this article, we will cover:


Link User Account to Candidate Profile

Link a Greenhouse user's account to their candidate profile by clicking the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Users on the left-hand panel.  


Select a Greenhouse user account from the subsequent page.


Navigate to the Linked Candidate section and click + Link to Candidate


Use the provided search field to find the candidate profile in your system that should be linked to this user account. Click Link in the search results next to the Candidate profile name.

Repeat if necessary.


Note: A Greenhouse user account can be linked to multiple candidate profiles and a candidate profile can be linked to multiple Greenhouse user accounts.


When finished, click Save at the bottom of the page.


Unlink User Account from Candidate Profile

To unlink a user account from a candidate profile, navigate to the Greenhouse user account page ( Configure configure.png > Users > Greenhouse User) and hover over the name of the linked candidate profile.

Click Unlink.


Confirm that the you will be unlinking the user account from the candidate profile and click Unlink in the subsequent dialog box.


When finished, click Save at the bottom of the page.


Viewing Candidate Profiles from Linked User Account

Greenhouse Recruiting has compiled some experiential notes when trying to view candidate profiles that have been linked to a Greenhouse user account.

Permission Error

When a Greenhouse user attempts to view a candidate profile that has been linked to their account they will receive the following error. 


Candidate Search

The linked candidate profile will still show up in a candidate search for the linked Greenhouse user account but will not be accessible (i.e. clickable).


Note: The linked candidate profile will not be included in a candidate export.


  • The candidate profile will still be counted in reports however will not be accessible by the linked Greenhouse user account
  • When a Greenhouse user applies through the Internal Job Board, their Greenhouse user account is automatically linked to the candidate profile.