Quick start guide for Sourcing Automation users

Permissions: Job admins and above with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation seat

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

Greenhouse Sourcing Automation is an add-on product in Greenhouse Recruiting that makes sourcing your superpower, helping you find, reach, and engage top talent quickly and effectively.

If your organization has invited you to start using Sourcing Automation, follow this guide to get set up and begin building effective sourcing campaigns.

Note: If you're a Sourcing Automation admin, use this quick start guide to learn how to configure your organization's Sourcing Automation settings and assign seats.

Step 1: Accept your Sourcing Automation seat

When an admin has assigned you a Sourcing Automation seat, you'll receive an email invitation to authenticate your seat. Click Authenticate your seat to get started.

Sourcing Automation invitation email for newly invited user with Authenticate your seat button highlighted

Tip: Sign up for a live training session to get familiar with Greenhouse Sourcing Automation.

Step 2: Configure your personal Sourcing Automation settings

Once you've accepted your Sourcing Automation seat, navigate to Greenhouse Recruiting and set up your personal Sourcing Automation account settings.

These settings include your custom message schedule, holiday schedule, lookup priority settings, and unsubscribe link.

Greenhouse Recruiting account settings page with Sourcing Automation settings tab opened and highlighted

Note: If your Sourcing Automation admin has set up a campaign-level schedule, all campaign pool messages will be sent according to that schedule rather than your custom schedule.

Step 3: Install the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension

Install the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension so you can quickly add prospects from LinkedIn, Indeed, and other sourcing sites to your campaign pools in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Tip: Make sure to pin the extension to your browser for easy access.

Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard with Chrome extension opened and highlighted

Step 4: Create your first campaign pool

Create a campaign pool to begin sourcing prospects for one of your open jobs.

Your campaign pool will include steps, where you'll create automated email messages, InMail messages, or other manual tasks to help you reach out to prospects.

Steps that include email messages will be sent automatically based on the cadence set in your custom message schedule or your organization's campaign-level schedule (if one's been set up).

Best practices for campaign pool steps

  • Build campaign pools with three to four steps for optimal results.
  • Use your organization's Sourcing Automation email templates to stay on brand!
  • Your step emails should be 200 words or fewer – don't overload prospects with text-heavy emails.
  • Be direct in your campaign messages and focus on one call-to-action.

New campaign creation with Step 1 open in Sourcing Automation

Step 5: Add a prospect to your campaign pool

Start adding prospects to your newly created campaign pool!

From your dashboard navigation bar, click Add > Add a Candidate to manually add a prospect to your campaign pool. Here, you can manually enter their information or drag their resume to automatically parse it.

Add a Candidate page in Greenhouse Recruiting with Prospect tab and Software Engineer campaign pool selected

When you've found a prospect on LinkedIn, Indeed, or another sourcing site who may be a good fit for your open job, you can also use the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension to quickly add them to your campaign pool.

You'll have the option to personalize your first step email or InMail message directly in the Chrome extension to reach out to the prospect right away.

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