Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date by following our release notes.

Greenhouse Recruiting

Streamline your time-to-hire reporting experience

We renamed two essential reports to align with industry standards, bringing consistency to your time-to-hire reporting experience: the time to hire per job report is now the time to fill by job report and the hiring speed per candidate report is now the time to hire by candidate report. Same powerful reports, fresh new names!

HRIS Link enhancements

HRIS Link now supports multiple email addresses for status notifications. Use HRIS Link status emails to keep different parties informed of integration updates. 

Business Intelligence Connector

Introducing audit log

Audit log is a new add-on designed to empower your security team, offering a record of important events from your Greenhouse Recruiting environment. Use audit log with Business Intelligence Connector to track organizational changes and scrutinize edits to processes that impact your recruiting teams. 


Audit log API

To support the release of audit log, our new audit log API gives organizations with development teams the freedom to transform or analyze audit log data in an external system like a security monitoring app.


  • Candidate background check: The ClearChecks integration offers fast and accurate background checks directly within Greenhouse Recruiting.
  • Candidate testing: The Cappfinity integration offers strength-based assessment solutions that you can easily add to your job's interview plan.
  • Employer branding: The integration provides your candidates with a rich portal where they can access information to learn more about your company and prepare for their interview.
  • HRIS and onboarding: The Paychex integration creates efficiencies and a great first impression for new hires with a one-way sync where a new hire in Greenhouse Recruiting flows directly to Paychex Flex.
  • HRIS and onboarding: The UKG Ready by Joynd integration allows your organization to seamlessly add new hires from Greenhouse Recruiting to UKG Ready.

Bug fixes

  • Offer tokens from the DocuSign integration took precedence over an organization's custom offer tokens.
  • Some people were unable to edit their global partner email address for the Indeed integration.