Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date by following our release notes.

Greenhouse Recruiting

Remind candidates of upcoming interviews

You can now send candidates an automated email reminder 24 hours before their scheduled interview.

New DocuSign tokens available

With the DocuSign integration, you can now use the following DocuSign tokens in your offer letter templates: {{CANDIDATE_ADDRESS}}, {{CANDIDATE_INITIALS}}, {{COMPANY_SIGNER_NAME}}, and {{COMPANY_SIGNER_JOB_TITLE}}.

Job post conversion report removed

The job post conversion report has been temporarily deprecated while we make necessary improvements to enhance and refine the report. In the future, we'll release a revamped version of this report.

CRM & Events

Add videos to campaign pool steps

Campaign pool owners can now add videos to step emails in Sourcing Automation.


  • Candidate background check: The Orange Tree integration offers candidate background checks with an engaging experience and fast turnaround times.
  • Candidate sourcing: The Tribe integration helps you discover and hire vetted top-tier talent across the globe at a low cost, with no hidden fees and no flooded inboxes.
  • Candidate testing: The Coderbyte integration helps you evaluate candidates quickly, affordably, and accurately with automated assessments and live interview workflows.
  • Candidate testing: The Sova Assessments integration streamlines how your organization assesses talent with an enhanced assessment experience platform.
  • Optimization: The Avy analytics integration visualizes workforce data from Greenhouse Recruiting so you can gain strategic insights and answer critical workforce questions.

Bug fixes

  • When uploading new hires to Greenhouse Onboarding via .csv, empty rows in the sheet created blank new hires.
  • The Export Hiring Team to Excel button on Job Setup > Hiring team failed to render an Excel file.
  • Some custom application questions linked to custom candidate fields showed answer options out of order.
  • Saved report dashboards displayed an error when filtered by a custom field.
  • Code blocks displayed incorrectly on scorecards.
  • In some cases when creating a department via Harvest API, a 404 response was returned instead of a 202.
  • In some cases when closing openings via Harvest API, a 500 response was returned instead of a 200.