Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Essential reports in Greenhouse Recruiting offer key insights into the health of your job pipelines, the efficiency of your hiring teams, and the diversity of your talent pool.

To stay on top of your data to promote reporting accuracy, your organization can employ a few best practices to drive data integrity and resolve inaccurate hiring data.

Review permission levels for all users

User permissions or the permission policies set by your organization can affect the data you see within essential reports. Users are only able to report on data they have permission to view. 

For example, when you email a report to another person, Greenhouse Recruiting will first check the recipient's permissions to see if they are allowed to access the report.

If the specified user cannot access data in the report (like private candidate data), the report will not be sent. If a recipient doesn't have access to a particular job in the report, that information will be redacted.

Go through the Users tab and make sure that each user only has as much access as they need. You can always export the list, if that is helpful. 


Make sure Site Admins are limited as much as possible. Assign job-based permissions to users as needed. 

Review company metadata

Audit all custom data in custom options

Under Configure > Custom Options, you will see all the data your organization can customize. Make sure you have limited these fields to the correct information you want to be measuring.


Review source list: Make sure you don't have any duplicate sources and you have hidden any default sources you don't use.

Review custom candidate, job, and offer fields: Review your custom fields and clean-up any your team doesn't need or use. Make sure they are all collecting the correct type of data (i.e. Currency type for Salary).

Review any additional custom data: Determine what other data your organization has customized and audit for any unneeded or duplicative fields.

Stay on top of key data within your jobs and openings

Accurate open dates

Inaccurate open dates can cause discrepancies in reports, particularly for the time to hire per job report. Make sure accurate open dates are maintained at the job and opening level. Learn more.

Accurate application dates

If you add a candidate to Greenhouse Recruiting after you've already started considering them, backdate their application date. Accurate application dates on candidate touchpoints ensure your pipeline reports have integrity. Learn more.

Accurate offer dates

When hiring a candidate, double-check the opening you're hiring them against has the correct open date. Hires against inaccurate job and opening open dates can impact your time to hire per job report.

If the candidate's offer is updated in Greenhouse Recruiting on a different day than the actual offer was accepted or rejected, you should adjust those dates to reflect reality. Accurate offer dates will improve your organization's reporting. Learn more.

Deactivated users

Once a user is deactivated in Greenhouse Recruiting, scheduled report emails set up on their accounts will no longer be sent as previously configured.

If the recurring reports were sent using the Email Report or Schedule Report features, users can save the historical reports to their individual accounts to maintain their expected schedule moving forward.

Deactivated users previously marked as the Primary recruiter on their assigned jobs will also be moved to the Secondary recruiter column within returned report data due to their inactive user status.