Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Utilizing calendar integrations, such as Google Calendar or Outlook 365, when scheduling in Greenhouse Recruiting allows users to schedule interviews to calendars where they have appropriate editing permissions.

Once enabled, the calendar selected at the time of scheduling will dictate the default settings configured for all candidates you attempt to schedule.

These default calendar settings include the Calendar name, Calendar type, and Time zone an event was most recently scheduled for.

Below, we'll cover how to adjust your default calendar settings when scheduling interviews to your personal or shared calendars.

Modify existing calendar settings

To modify your default calendar settings, navigate to the candidate profile where an interview is due to be scheduled and click Schedule Interview.


On the Scheduling for candidate page, click the Settings icon Icon-Configure.png.


Within the Settings pop-up window, you'll see an option to adjust the following settings: 


Calendar time zone

Use the Time zone field to adjust the timezone selected for the scheduler view.

When the candidates or interviewers are notified about your scheduling request, any suggested times will be converted to the timezone of their computer. 

Note: To learn more about scheduling across timezones in Greenhouse Recruiting, click here.

Calendar type 

Use the Calendar type field to select the specific integration type (Google Calendar, Outlook, e.g.) you have enabled.

Select Manual Scheduling within the listed Calendar type drop-down options to download an .ics file to continue scheduling outside of Greenhouse Recruiting.

Learn more on manual scheduling by clicking here

Calendar name 

After selecting your preferred calendar type, use the Calendar Name field to select a calendar to schedule to.


Calendars where you have appropriate editing permissions configured will appear within the Calendar Name field drop-down.

Note: Any personal calendar or shared calendar where you have editing access permission will appear in the Calendar Name drop-down. Permissions necessary are either:

If a calendar is not appearing, confirm you have edit access permissions assigned within the external calendar provider. 


Save when finished.

The selected calendar settings will be your default settings when scheduling candidates in the future.