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Greenhouse Onboarding

Goals for new hires enhancements

We’ve enhanced the new hire goals experience in Greenhouse Onboarding! This includes the addition of Goals assigned and Goals completed columns to the new hires report, updates to the manager's user experience when creating and sharing goals, and a new goal status reminder email notification sent 30 days after a new hire's start date.

Generate a SAML configuration

Owners in Greenhouse Onboarding can now create and update your organization’s SAML configuration in Settings. Enter your single sign-on (SSO) credentials, then reach out to Greenhouse Support to turn on your organization’s SAML configuration.

Bug fixes

  • When publishing job posts to free job boards, some users were required to provide a location even when the location field shouldn't have been required. 
  • When configuring welcome email templates, some users were not able to choose the option Send the invitation from the person who invited the User.
  • When some candidates submitted their availability, their time zone was incorrectly saved as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), rather than their actual time zone.
  • When a stage transition rule was copied from one job to another, sometimes the copy failed but did not produce an error message.
  • In the custom list of locations for some job boards, duplicate locations appeared and could not be deleted.
  • Some candidates received an error message after submitting an application, even when their application was successfully submitted.
  • When users downloaded the Candidate surveys report, the questions were not displayed in numerical order.
  • Some users were unable to edit the offer rejected date for rejected candidates.
  • Extra spaces were included in some offer letters when offer section tokens were used.