Understanding permissions in Greenhouse Recruiting

Learning about Greenhouse Recruiting permissions for the first time? This article explains the philosophy behind and basic components of our permissions structure.

Tip: Check out our Permissions cheat sheet for a quick list of the most common permission setups.

Our permissions philosophy

Greenhouse Recruiting uses a tiered system of permissions with additional abilities that can be toggled on and off. This system allows you to have more control over what each of your organization's users can see and do.

By giving users access to the right info at the right time, you can prevent the bias that often comes from users having too much visibility into candidates and jobs.

How we structure permissions


Permission levels

The first thing a user is assigned is a permission level, which determines the general type of access, abilities, and responsibilities a user has in Greenhouse Recruiting. This is also the permission listed alongside each user on the Users page.

There are three permission levels:

  • Basic
  • Job Admin
  • Site Admin

User-specific permissions

User-specific permissions are extra abilities that can be applied on top of the user’s permission level. What user-specific permissions you can enable depends on the user's permission level.

Note: There are no user-specific permissions for Basic users.

For more information, see the following articles:

Job Admin levels

Users who are assigned the permission level of Job Admin will also need to be assigned a subtype known as a Job Admin level.

There are three Job Admin levels:

  • Job Admin: Standard
  • Job Admin: Private
  • Job Admin: Custom

Job Admin: Standard and Job Admin: Private are preconfigured by default but can be customized by organizations with an Advanced or Expert subscription tier.

Job Admin: Custom is a fully customizable permission set.

Job Admin permissions

Every Job Admin, regardless of their Job Admin level, will have some default permissions. For example, every Job Admin can view a job's dashboard.

Each Job Admin level also comes with its own set of abilities known as Job Admin permissions.

Developer permissions

Developer permissions are separate from the rest of the permissions structure. Any user with any permission level can be assigned developer permissions.