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Outlook 365: Basic Setup

Anyone wishing to schedule directly to their Outlook 365 Calendar from Greenhouse will be required to perform this basic setup. For extra functionality such as scheduling rooms and viewing/scheduling to a colleagues calendar, an advanced setup will have to be done in addition to to the following by an individual with Greenhouse Site Admin permissions and Exchange Admin permissions.

Enable Basic Outlook 365 Integration

To enable Outlook 365, click on the Integrations tab from your Dashboard, and navigate to Scheduling Tools from the left-hand panel. From the Scheduling Tools results page, click on Outlook 365. 


Click Connect.


You will be redirected to Outlook 365 where you can input your personal Outlook 365 credentials. When you have finished, click Sign in.


When your Outlook 365 credentials are accepted, you will be redirected back to your Greenhouse account. A banner will indicate that your authorization was successful. Likewise, you will find Outlook 365 under your Active Integrations


Features of Outlook 365:Basic Setup

After connecting to Outlook 365, you will be able to schedule to calendars that you have access to. Navigate to a candidate's profile (Dashboard>Candidates>Candidate Name), and select the Stage tab from the Job window. For certain stages in the Hiring Plan, a Schedule Interview option will be available.


To schedule a particular stage to your Outlook 365 calendar, click Schedule Interview

From the Schedule window, select Outlook 365 as the desired integration from the dropdown menu. Choose the specific calendar you would like to schedule to and fill out the necessary fields like Date and Time.


When you have finished, click Send Invites to Interviewers.

As a reminder, with the Outlook 365 Basic Setup, you can only schedule to your personal calendars. For additional functionality, like seeing the free/busy schedules of colleagues or to book rooms, you will need to also have a Site Admin perform an Advanced Setup.