Permissions: Owners, Coordinators, and users with custom access to manage feedback

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

After new hires respond to their assigned feedback questions, an email with a summary of their responses will be sent to Greenhouse Onboarding users selected as recipients when the feedback questions were created.

You can review new hire feedback responses at any time from your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage, from a new hire's employee profile, or from the feedback report. This article covers how to use the feedback report to aggregate and report on new hires' feedback responses.

View feedback report

To open the feedback report, navigate to Reports from your homepage navigation bar.

Greenhouse Onboarding homepage with Reports tab highlighted to click

Under Reports, click View feedback report.

Reports page in Greenhouse Onboarding with View feedback report button highlighted

On the Feedback page, you'll find a list of all feedback responses from new hires at your organization.

Note: Owners and Coordinators can review feedback responses for all employees in your organization. Users with custom access to manage and report on feedback will be able to view feedback responses for employees who match the rules defined in their custom role.

For example, a user's custom role gives them access to manage feedback for employees in the Sales department. When this user opens the feedback report, they'll see feedback responses from employees in the Sales department only.

Feedback report opened in Greenhouse Onboarding

Feedback report fields

Column name Field info
New hire Respondent's name
Start date Respondent's start date
Question The assigned feedback question
Answered Date the response was submitted
Yes/No Respondent's answer
Comment Any additional comments submitted by the respondent

Filter feedback responses

You can filter your feedback report for increased visibility or use the search bar to find specific employees' feedback responses. Expand the Filter panel and apply any of the following filters to narrow your report results:

  • Employee's name
  • Employee's answer
  • Employee's department
  • Employee's location
  • Employee's employment status
  • Other criteria
  • Start date range

Note: Users with custom access to manage feedback can filter for employment status and other criteria only when they have access to these fields across each of their assigned custom roles. Otherwise, these fields will be hidden to custom users. 

Feedback report filter panel opened with filter button highlighted

You can also mark the following checkboxes to include feedback questions that haven't been assigned or answered yet:

  • Include questions that have not been asked
  • Include questions that are not yet answered

Feedback filter checkboxes turned on for including unasked and unanswered questions

Click Reset filters to clear your filter selections and see the full report.

Feedback report filter panel opened with Reset filters button highlighted

Search for feedback

Type a feedback question into the report's search bar to locate specific responses to that question quickly.

Search bar highlighted in Feedback report with recommend typed into bar and report results filtered

Export feedback report

You can export your report to a downloadable CSV file to share feedback reporting with your onboarding team or keep a record of your current feedback responses.

Click Export to CSV to download your feedback report.

Export to CSV button highlighted on feedback report

Click Confirm to begin exporting. Once your file is ready, click Download to retrieve it.

Feedback report exported and ready to download with download button highlighted

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