Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The interview kit provides your interviewers with everything they need to successfully prepare for and conduct an interview with a candidate. A well-composed interview kit will contain everything an interviewer needs to execute a focused, purposeful interview, and provide the hiring team with the information that they can use to make a decision about whether or not to advance the candidate.

Interview kit overview

An interview kit allows your interviewers to remain consistent across candidate interviews and provides a consistent framework for assessing candidates. By having this consistency, your hiring team will collect better data for making hiring decisions at the end of the process. Likewise, the interview kit alleviates the stress imposed on interviewers to ask questions on the spot. Since the interview kit provides the questions that need to be asked, interviewers can focus on evaluating the responses instead of coming up with the next question.

To learn more about interview kit best practices, please click here.

Create an interview kit for a new job

Note: In the following section, users with Job Admin level permissions will need the additional user-specific permission Can create new jobs and request job approvals

To access the interview kit for a new job, navigate to the Add icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Create a Job from the dropdown menu.


Note: Configuring interview kits during the new job creation process requires that your organization has Interview Plan enabled as a step in the job setup flow.

Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new job and provide job details. When finished, click Create Job & Continue.


Configure your scorecard and click Next to reach the Interview Plan configuration page.

Depending on whether you are working from a sample template, blank template, or a custom job template, the Interview Plan configuration page may or may not have pre-populated stages in your interview pipeline.


To access the interview kit for a specific interview, hover over the interview kit and click either the Edit icon to make changes, or the Delete icon to remove the interview kit from the interview plan entirely.


Edit the interview kit as needed.

Access an interview kit for an existing job

If your organization's hiring team needs to edit an interview kit for an existing job, navigate to the job profile (All Jobs > Job Name) and click Job Setup from the job page navigation bar. From the Job Setup page, navigate to Interview Plan on the left-hand panel.


From the Interview Plan page, hover over the interview kit you wish to edit and click the Edit icon .


Edit the interview kit as needed.

Edit an interview kit

An interview kit is comprised of three major elements:

  • Focus attributes
  • Interview questions
  • Interview prep

In this section, we will briefly cover the purpose of each element. When you have finished editing the interview kit, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Add focus attributes

The focus attributes feature allows your organization to select and emphasize which attributes interviewers should focus on during their respective interviews. This helps direct interviewers to focus specifically on certain traits and alleviates interviewer pressure to cover all listed attributes. Interviewers will see the Interview Kit's selected focus attributes grouped at the top of their scorecard. All other Scorecard Attributes for the Interview Kit will be listed below the Focus Attributes section. 

To make a scorecard attribute a focus attribute, place a check beside the name of the attribute. For more information about focus attributes, click here.


Add interview questions 

Interview questions allow your organization to guide the actual interview by suggesting or requiring certain questions to be asked. Use the window to list out questions you would like the interviewer to ask during the interview. The questions will be listed for the interviewer.


Add interview prep 

The interview prep panel allows you to provide context, directions, and suggestions for interviewers that they can reference during the interview. Use the provided space to communicate any pertinent information or general guidelines you want your interviewers to be aware of. Additionally, provide an estimated interview time so interviewers can budget appropriately.


Note: Tagging an attribute to focus on automatically marks that attribute as a focus attribute for the interview.