Greenhouse Software regularly releases new product features, updates, and improvements. You can stay up to date with what's new at Greenhouse by following our release notes.

Greenhouse Recruiting

Improved customization and filtering for user accounts

Custom user fields provide flexibility by allowing you to filter users by user fields (rather than job attributes) and apply bulk permissions. These new fields also allow for more efficient user and permissions management, reducing the number of user-by-user permissions assignments.

Learn more and check out our walkthrough video here.

CRM & Events

Enhancements to the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension

The following features are now available within the extension:

  • Users with a Sourcing Automation seat can further streamline their recruiting efforts by adding personalization to the first email step
  • Prospects can be added to the extension using the additional web scrappers, AngelList and Indeed

Read more about these new features here.

Copy a campaign pool

Customers with a Sourcing Automation seat can copy steps from an existing campaign pool, reducing effort and providing the ability to use campaigns that have proven success rates.

Read more: Create and manage campaign pools


We've updated the Users endpoints, which now include the ability to create and update User Attributes (also known as User Fields). 


Enhanced HRIS Link user import

HRIS Link user import now supports assigning users to departments or offices. Additionally, HRIS Link supports custom user fields, allowing you to maintain user information unique to your organization!

Read more: Import user accounts with HRIS Link

Improved HRIS Link API capabilities

HRIS Link's API key configuration now includes the Harvest API endpoint DELETE: Destroy openings.

Read more: HRIS Link changelog

BI Connector

Greenhouse is making updates to the Business Intelligence Connector schema on November 2, 2022. Click here for additional details and the latest schema file.


Candidate testing: Equalture is a Dutch HR company that provides every candidate with an equal opportunity to showcase their talents and potential. Equalture developed a set of neuroscientific assessments, that measure cognitive abilities and behavioural traits, allowing you to evaluate candidates based on data instead of a gut feeling.

Bug fixes

  • Users who added their name to the People to Notify subscribe list were not receiving the email notification when new hires were added to Greenhouse Onboarding.
  • The interview kits weren't displaying a quick link to the take-home test.
  • When a job was updated using the PATCH: Edit Openings endpoint, it didn't trigger an update for the Job Updated webhook, resulting in inconsistent statuses.