Welcome to Greenhouse! We can’t wait to help you start owning every moment of your hiring experience. The sections below provide additional guidance on each essential step of your implementation process to give you a better idea of what to expect.  


Implementation guide Essential steps

Getting started 

Starting your implementation

Basic configurations

Permissions setup

IT and technical setup 

Data and privacy

Career page integration

Foundational best practices

Template jobs

Open job setup

Integrate your calendar

Data migration readiness

Data migration process

Preparing for launch

Training and rollout best practices

Preparing for launch


Starting your implementation 

We’ll position you with everything you need to get started. Watch this 5 minute video to review the  process, timeline considerations, and who you might need to involve in this project.


Starting your implementation 

As you get started, be sure to connect with your Greenhouse Implementation Strategist and review your custom implementation tracker to help guide you along this journey.