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Greenhouse Recruiting

A new way to view your active candidates: Our new Visual Candidate Pipeline feature provides a summary view of the active candidates in each stage of your job’s pipeline in Greenhouse Recruiting.


By providing an intuitive visual dashboard, your hiring team can collaborate more effectively and gain an overall picture of pipeline health while promoting accountability and increased hiring speed. Click here to learn more.

Changes to the “additional access” button when granting the support team access: When granting the Greenhouse Support team access to your organization in Greenhouse Recruiting, you will be able to check the box to give permission for other common admin actions (BCC, Allowed Filetypes, and session timeouts). Click here to learn more about granting the Greenhouse Support team access to your organization.


  • Candidate sourcing: truffls allows you to automatically publish some or all of your Greenhouse jobs to your truffls job board. Jobs published to truffls will receive truffls applications directly to Greenhouse.
  • Candidate testing: Platypus is an HR and recruitment tool that measures cultural drivers of people across your organization to help you qualify decisions on hiring and managing your culture.
  • Video interviewing: IntroMagic is an easy-to-use online video interview platform that enables recruiters to screen candidates listed in Greenhouse via video.
  • Other integrations: Jamyr allows companies to scale employee-generated video content for recruiting and onboarding. Jamyr will edit and transcribe approved videos to be shared on your websites and social platforms through the Jamyr video widget, automatically-generated landing pages and integrations.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where pasted resumes were not searchable using Full Text Search 
  • Fixed issue where trying to disconnect the Calendly integration caused an error
  • Fixed issue where the CC email dropdown was displaying incorrectly in the Schedule With Calendly window