Permissions: Job Admin or above with a Sourcing Automation seat

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

With Sourcing Automation in Greenhouse Recruiting, you can easily report on key metrics to capture your team's success in reaching prospects via automated messaging.

Use sourcing automation reports to see the number of prospects added, the number of messages sent, how your campaign pool steps are performing, how your recruiting team is performing relative to one another, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Can I build a custom report within Greenhouse Recruiting that combines Sourcing Automation reports with my other hiring reports?

Yes! You can build a custom report in Report Builder to show who gets credit for adding prospects to your campaign pools. 

Add the Credited To column to a custom candidate report to show whether your candidate's source is a user in your organization or an external referrer.

In addition, other hiring reports can complement your sourcing automation reports. For instance, check out the prospect conversion report to understand and demonstrate how many of your prospects became candidates, and how far they made it in the recruiting process.

Does Calendly integrate with the meetings booked report?

The meetings booked report captures scheduled events that include both the campaign owner and the prospect's email address. The meetings booked report can capture events scheduled through Calendly as long as the email address associated with Calendly is the same email address associated with sourcing automation.

Is the meetings booked report only forward-looking? If someone has been in an interview process in the past, would those meetings count on the report?

The meetings booked report only captures events scheduled after a sourcing automation email has been sent. Historical interviews aren't counted here. 

Will the meetings booked report only show meetings booked due to direct activity within a campaign pool?

The meetings booked report will surface any event scheduled on the sender's calendar that includes the prospect on the invite. There isn't a way for the report to distinguish if the event was booked due to the campaign pool or not. This means that it's possible it could count a prospect filling out a Calendly link from a campaign pool email, or an event scheduled manually by the recruiter through a non-automated email.