Permissions: Job Admin and above with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation seat 

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

Campaign pools send a series of automated emails from your Google or Outlook 365 email account to prospects over a period of time. These automated emails are referred to as Steps in the campaign pool. 

This article covers the default settings between a campaign pool and your email account. 

Default settings

Note: These settings are not configurable. 
Default setting Description 
Maximum emails to send per day: 200 To help ensure good email deliverability, Greenhouse Recruiting limits the number of messages that can be sent through each user’s email account to 200 each day. 
Seconds to wait between each email: 100 To help ensure good email deliverability, Greenhouse Recruiting limits how quickly emails can be sent between each email to 100 seconds.
Email inbox actions

After the initial email is sent to a prospect, Greenhouse Recruiting will automatically reply to the thread with information about the prospect including a link to their profile in Greenhouse Recruiting, a link to their social media accounts (if present), and options to mark the prospect's reply as one of the following Sentiments: interested, not interested, bad fit, wrong contact, timing, bad data, or unsubscribe. These categories are hyperlinked. Once clicked, they will open the prospect's profile in Greenhouse Recruiting for further action such as converting them to a candidate. Learn more about using these email inbox actions here

Note: The Contacts Replied report refers to these reply categories as a Sentiment.   

This email is only visible to the user and is not sent to the prospect. 

Automatically archive bounced emails To help reduce email clutter, Greenhouse Recruiting will automatically mark bounced emails as read and archive them from your inbox.
Sync emails to Greenhouse Recruiting The emails sent to the prospect from your campaign pool and their email responses are synced to the prospect's activity feed in Greenhouse Recruiting. 

Schedule settings

By default, campaign emails are sent to prospects Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm in the campaign pool owner's timezone. You can customize this schedule in your personal Sourcing Automation account settings. Campaign pool emails will follow a sender's custom schedule if they've configured one in their account settings.

You can also set up a campaign-level schedule to send all of your campaign pool emails consistently, regardless of sender or timezone. By default, campaign-level schedules are turned off. You'll need to configure this schedule in your individual campaign pool's settings.