Permissions: Job Admin and above who can advance candidates

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

The Visual Candidate Pipeline provides a summary view of the active candidates in each stage of your job’s pipeline in Greenhouse Recruiting. This makes it easy to see where candidates are in the structured hiring process and what actions need to be taken to move candidates through the interview stages.

By providing an intuitive visual dashboard, your hiring team can collaborate more effectively and gain an overall picture of pipeline health while promoting accountability and increased hiring speed. 

Visual Candidate Pipeline overview 

The Visual Candidate Pipeline is on the Pipeline tab on a job. (Jobs > select job from list > Pipeline)


Each interview stage created by your admin during the job setup process is displayed in its own column.

Up to ten candidates appear in each column with the option to see the full candidate list by clicking the hyperlink next to the stage name. 


Each candidate is color-coded by the type of action that needs to occur. Users can filter by Priority, Time in Stage, Candidate Name, Last Activity, or Date Applied.

By default, the Visual Candidate Pipeline sorts candidates based on the following Priority (high to low): 

  • Red shows candidates whose next task is awaiting an internal user's action. This could include scheduling an interview, making an offer, or sending a take-home test to a candidate.
  • Yellow shows candidates whose next task is awaiting an internal user's scorecard. This could include waiting for users to complete scorecards, review offers, or submit feedback on candidates in Application Review.
  • Gray shows candidates whose next task currently requires no internal user action. This could include a fully-scheduled interview that hasn’t happened yet, an availability or self-schedule request that is pending candidate action, or a take-home test that has already been sent.


In addition to the current stage and action steps needed, users can quickly view the:

  • number of days each candidate has spent in a stage
  • candidates who are a referral
  • private candidates
  • internal applicants 

To view a candidate's profile, click on their name to open the profile in a new tab. 

NoteOnly site admins and job admins with access to view private candidates are able to open a private candidate's profile. A job admin with standard access is able to see private candidates in the Visual Candidate Pipeline but does not have access to view their profiles.  

Advance candidates to the next stage 

Users with the permission to advance candidates can drag and drop a candidate to another stage to move them through the interview progression. 


Stages marked with a lightning bolt indicate that the stage is linked to a transition automation rule. When a candidate is moved to a stage with an automation rule, the rule for that stage is triggered.