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Is a new job kickoff form needed every time a new job is created? 

If you create a new job from a sample job or a blank job, you'll need to configure a job kickoff form each time.

If you create a new job using a template job, the job kickoff form from the template job will be used on the new job. You can always modify a job kickoff form that's copied from a template job. 


Who can create a job kickoff form?

If a job already exists with no job kickoff form on it, you must be Job Admin or higher on the job to create a job kickoff form. 

To create a new job with a new job kickoff form, you must be a Site Admin or a Job Admin with the user-specific permission Can create new jobs and request approvals.


Can you assign the job kickoff form to more than one person?

No, you can only assign the job kickoff form to one person. However, other Job Admin can collaboratively edit the form answers once the form is open for collaboration. Read more here.


Does the user assigned to the job kickoff form have to be the hiring manager?

No, any Job Admin can be assigned to complete the kickoff form.


Can multiple users complete the job kickoff form?

Yes — after the recruiter creates the form and the hiring manager submits their answers, the hiring manager can choose other users to collaborate on the form. These answers can then be approved or denied by the recruiter. Read more here.


Who has permission to approve fields on a job kickoff form?

Site Admin or Job Admin with the user-specific permission Can create new jobs and request job approvals can approve fields on a job kickoff form.


What happens to my answers if I delete a job kickoff form?

Unapproved answers will be deleted when the job kickoff form is deleted. Approved answers with linked fields will have already been added to the job and will still exist on the Job Setup tab.


Can I copy answers from a job kickoff form?

No. However, copying a job to create a new job duplicates the job kickoff form setup. If you have multiple jobs with the same job setup, you can always make a template job or a job with multiple openings.


Is it possible to change who is assigned to complete a job kickoff form?

No, once a job kickoff form is assigned and emailed, it isn't possible to edit who's assigned to complete the job kickoff form.

In the event a hiring manager is non-responsive to an assigned job kickoff form, consider deleting the job kickoff form to create a new one.