Permissions: Job Admins and Site Admins with permission to email candidates
Basic users (for calendar integration)

Product tier: Available to Advanced and Expert subscription tiers.

Candidate self-scheduling is already set up with some default options and templates to get you started quickly.

See the following sections for more information: 

Connect your Calendar to your Greenhouse Recruiting account

Note: While only certain admins can send self-schedule requests to candidates, all interviewers will need to complete the steps below to allow candidates to schedule interviews with them.

Interviewers will need to enable the Google Calendar or Outlook 365 integration to receive self-scheduling requests. You can quickly do this on the Integrations page. (Ellipses icon Icon_-_Ellipses.png > Integrations > search Google Calendar or Office 365)


See the topics below for more information:

Connect your video conferencing tool

You also have to enable your video services

To automatically add a video conference to self-scheduled interviews, users will also have to connect their video conferencing tool to their account. This process is also done on the Integrations page. 


See the topics below for more info:

Note: If your organization is using Zoom, this configuration only needs to be completed once for the organization. Google Meet and Microsoft Teams integrations will automatically occur when you connect your calendar.

Create self-schedule email templates

Note: This setup can only be completed by Site Admins and Job Admins with permission to email candidates. 

While a default email template for self-scheduling requests is automatically loaded into Greenhouse Recruiting, you can further create and modify email templates to be sent to candidates under Configure Configured_Icon.png > Email Templates.


Note: Self-schedule email templates must contain the {{INTERVIEW_REQUEST_LINK}} token. If the token isn't included, the candidate won't be able to submit a self-schedule request.


Click here for more information on creating email templates.