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Business Intelligence Connector is designed for companies with robust analytics requirements that prefer a flexible, hands-on approach to analyzing their data.

We've collected answers to some common questions about Business Intelligence Connector.

Which companies are successful with Business Intelligence Connector?

Our most successful Business Intelligence Connector organizations have an established goal for how they want to use their Greenhouse data to drive their organization's goals. 

This often includes having a perspective about the KPIs and recruiting data before purchasing Business Intelligence Connector. In most cases, these organizations have a data analyst or business intelligence resource who is prepared to dedicate significant time to using the data sent with Business Intelligence Connector. 

In some cases, these customers are already exporting Greenhouse Recruiting data and spending significant time manipulating it to create unique reports for their Greenhouse Recruiting goals, such as metrics over time, department-level views, and so on.

How do I enable Business Intelligence Connector?

Learn more here: Enable Business Intelligence Connector.

What can I do with Business Intelligence Connector?

If you don't have an established goal with Business Intelligence Connector, that's okay! Because it's your organization's data, you can use it however you see fit. Here's a list of the most common uses of Business Intelligence Connector:

  • Understand the impact of recruiting efforts, communicate progress, diagnose bottlenecks, drive decision-making, and predict future performance.
  • Access most of your raw recruiting data, including some additional data that is not easily available in Greenhouse applications. 
  • Create a variety of visualizations (such as trends over time, pie charts, bar graphs, and so on)
  • Slice and dice data with a variety of filters (for example, department, office, recruiter)

I reset my Redshift password. Why can't I access my data?

If you generate a new password for Redshift on Business Intelligence Connector, you won't be able to access your data until the next Business Intelligence Connector refresh. Data is refreshed every 24 hours.

What data is included with Business Intelligence Connector?

Business Intelligence Connector offers the ability to receive a wide variety of Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding data, and we're always expanding the data offered via this tool. Check out our Guide to Business Intelligence Connector tables for an overview of the data you can expect to see. For more technical information, check out our Entity Relationship Diagram.

Can I modify the data in Business Intelligence Connector?

Business Intelligence Connector data is a read-only export of the data that exists in your Greenhouse Recruiting or Greenhouse Onboarding instance. For any changes to data, you'll need to update it in Greenhouse Recruiting or Greenhouse Onboarding.

Can I choose which data appears in Business Intelligence Connector?

With Business Intelligence Connector, you can choose whether to include PII data or Greenhouse Onboarding data in your nightly ETLs. Beyond this, you should use your data development tool to manage permission to your data.

How often is the data updated? 

Data is synced to Amazon Redshift or S3 each night and should be complete by 10AM EST. Data will show results from the end of the previous day.

You can sign up for a completion notification so you know exactly when the data has loaded each day.

What are some of the limitations of Business Intelligence Connector?

Here are some common obstacles to be aware of when using Business Intelligence Connector:

  • Business Intelligence Connector is not a reporting tool where each recruiter is meant to have a login to create their own reports. Instead, Business Intelligence Connector is meant to have one or two dedicated users or data analysts who can create reports for the entire team or organization. 
  • While Business Intelligence Connector does not contain 100% of data from Greenhouse Recruiting, you can reference the schema to check if the data you are expecting to report on is available.
  • Since the data is refreshed daily, Business Intelligence Connector is not meant for activity tracking, instant analytics, or hourly tracking data. Check out Greenhouse Recruiting reports or dashboards instead.

Can I access the files through my own S3 bucket instead of Redshift?

Yes, you can configure Business Intelligence Connector to connect to an Amazon S3 bucket that you create and manage. Your organization can then access your S3 bucket to download your files locally daily after the transfer to Amazon Redshift completes.

Is the data in Business Intelligence Connector backed up?

We do not create backups of Business Intelligence Connector data because Greenhouse Recruiting data is retained for 30 days. 

I'm in the EU. Is there anything I should know?

If you're working out of the EU silo on Greenhouse Recruiting, you'll only be able to access your data through the Amazon S3 option. Greenhouse does not offer Redshift in the EU silo. Learn more.

Why is my data not showing up in Business Intelligence Connector?

If you're seeing mismatched data between Greenhouse and Business Intelligence Connector, try the following:

  1. Verify the time that the new data was entered. Since data is refreshed nightly, trying to view data in Business Intelligence Connector on the same day it was entered in Greenhouse Recruiting or Greenhouse Onboarding isn't possible. 
  2. Check to see if there's a current incident impacting updates.
  3. Verify with your development team that everything is functioning correctly with your data development tool and storage method.
  4. If you're still having issues, contact Greenhouse Support

Who should I contact if I need help?

Issue Contact
An error or technical issue in Greenhouse Recruiting or Greenhouse Onboarding Greenhouse Support
An organizational issue with your Greenhouse Recruiting or Greenhouse Onboarding instance (such as data being entered incorrectly) Your org's Site Admin
An error or technical issue with your data development tool Your internal IT department or the support team for your data development tool
Enabling Business Intelligence Connector Coordinate with the data analysts at your organization and use Enable Business Intelligence Connector.