Permissions: Site Admin who can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approval, and approve jobs/offers, and Job Admin who can create and view private candidates / prospects, and who can advance candidates / prospects

Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers

In some cases, it may be necessary to unhire a candidate who was previously marked as hired. Unhiring a candidate is often used to correct offer mistakes with the intent to rehire the candidate, or to unhire / reject a candidate who declined a previously extended offer.

How to unhire a candidate

To unhire a candidate, navigate to the candidate profile, and select Unhire at the top.

Note: If the job requires Offer Approvals, they will retrigger on rehiring the candidate.

Once unhired, correct any offer details then rehire the candidate, or reject the candidate as necessary. For more information on unhiring to rehire a candidate, see general considerations.

Cases where users cannot select the unhire button

In some cases, you may see the unhire button greyed out. Hover over the button for more information.

Candidates cannot be unhired on closed jobs with job approvals configured. To correct this, the closed job status must first be changed to Draft. 

To adjust the job status, navigate to Job Dashboard and select Open as Draft.


Note: Reopening a closed job with job approvals will retrigger the job approval flow. Additionally, it will create a new opening on the job under the Approvals tab. If you're unhiring a candidate to rehire the same candidate, it may be necessary to manually delete this new opening.

Read more under General considerations.

Once job status has been set to Draft, click Request Approval.


Note: Only Job Admins who can view and edit private job fields and approve / request approval assigned to their permission level can request approval to reopen a job. The job status must be set to Open to unhire a candidate.

Once the job is approved, the Job Status changes to Open, and you can return to the hired candidate profile to select Unhire

With the candidate unhired, correct any offer details, or reject the candidate as necessary.

General considerations

If you are unhiring a candidate with the intent to rehire the same candidate, there may be potential impacts to consider.

  • By default, rehiring a previously unhired candidate will make the candidate's hired date the date of the rehire. Time to hire reports and other metrics may be impacted by the new hired date on your rehire. Read more about impacts and workflows here.
  • Jobs with Job Approvals will need to be reopened in order to unhire. This will create a new opening on the job under the Approvals tab. Read more about impacts and workflows here.

Hired date

The accepted date on an offer and the hired date for a candidate will always match. If necessary, you can manually adjust the unhired/rehired candidate's offer accepted date to mitigate reporting impacts.

After unhiring and rehiring the candidate, go to the offers Stage in their candidate profile.

Find the offer version accepted by your candidate, and click Edit beside the Accepted date.

Adjust the date to match the candidate's original offer accepted date, then click Save. The hired date should now show the updated date as well.


If necessary, you can manually delete any additional openings created by reopening a closed job to unhire / rehire a candidate.

After unhiring and rehiring the candidate, navigate to Job Setup, then select Job Info. Select Edit beside Job Status to change the status from Open to Closed. Select Save.

Next, navigate to the job's Approvals tab, and select Edit Job & Openings.

On the subsequent page, scroll to the Openings section and find the opening created by reopening the job. Select the Ellipsis icon beside the opening and click Delete.

A pop-up screen will ask that you confirm this action by clicking Delete Opening.