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Job boards are portals between Greenhouse Recruiting and your candidates. Before you publish job posts online, you'll need to create your job board.

Create a job board

To begin, navigate to the Job Boards & Posts configure page. (Configure icon Screenshot of the configure icon. Job Boards & Posts)

Click Create a Job Board.

Screenshot of the create a job board button.

Add a name for your job board in the Company Name field. Then, describe the job board in the Description box.

Screenshot of the create your job board page.

Upload your Logo by clicking Browse. By including a Logo Link, users who click your Logo will be directed to this address. Visit this resource for recommended image sizes to use in Greenhouse Recruiting. 

Screenshot of the browse button for the logo upload.

Add a URL name that displays in the browser when candidates access your job board. Screenshot of the url field.

Configure the rest of the fields as needed by your organization. Remember, you can modify these settings at any time:

Note: The Cover letters and resumes via Google Drive feature is only available for Greenhouse-hosted job posts. Read more about job board integration options here.

Click Create.

On the Job Boards page, click the toggle to change the status to live so it can connect online. This won't publish any posts, but will publish the URL so it can be accessed online.

Screenshot of the job boards status.