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Product tier: Available for Expert tier subscription with HRIS Link add-on

The following article will help your organization test in a Greenhouse Recruiting sandbox environment. Below you will find different workflows and best practices to fit your organization's testing needs. 

HRIS Link for user imports

Do not use HRIS Link to sync users to your Greenhouse sandbox instance

Configuration and enablement of HRIS Link to sync user accounts to a sandbox environment is not supported because Greenhouse Recruiting does not allow the same email address to be used across multiple tenants.

If you would like to test in a sandbox with a subset of users, please discuss details with your assigned technical consultant.

Tenant-specific Greenhouse IDs

Greenhouse Recruiting sandbox tenants are not direct copies of your production tenant. The unique Greenhouse IDs associated with Users, Job Admin roles, and template jobs in a sandbox will differ from the IDs in your production environment. With that in mind, make sure your report references the correct IDs for the below fields based on which tenant it is configured in:

  • Hiring_Manager_Role_ID
  • Recruiter_Role_ID
  • Template_Job_ID

Testing HRIS Link hiring team assignment in a sandbox environment

HRIS Link uses employee ID to assign hiring team members (Hiring Manager and Recruiter) through the integration. HRIS Link User Sync should never be enabled in Greenhouse sandbox, so your Greenhouse sandbox users will not have employee IDs associated with their accounts by default. This means you'll need to manually update the employee ID value on a Greenhouse user account in your sandbox instance to match the employee ID that will be provided on the HRIS Link job import report. 

Configuration Steps

In Greenhouse Sandbox, go to Configure > Users and edit a Greenhouse user so it has the employee ID that you will be applying in the "Hiring_Managers" and "Recruiters" columns on the HRIS Link report. 

On your HRIS report, update the sandbox report to have the following values as Calculated Fields that are Text Constant:

  • Hiring_Managers - Must be the same as the manually applied “Employee ID” on the Greenhouse sandbox user (from step 1).
  • Hiring_Manager_Role_ID - Must be a Job Admin role ID from your Greenhouse sandbox tenant (ask your Greenhouse Technical Consultant for this).
  • Recruiters - Must be the same as the manually applied “Employee ID” on the Greenhouse sandbox user (from step 1).
  • Recruiter_Role_ID - Must be a Job Admin role ID from your Greenhouse sandbox tenant (ask your Greenhouse Technical Consultant for this).

Note: Since these values will differ from production and have different logic, we recommend distinct reports for testing in Greenhouse Recruiting sandbox vs production. 

Testing HRIS Link notifications in a sandbox environment

When testing HRIS Link functionality, you may want to test the email notifications to understand what they normally look like and how they are triggered. If that is the case, we recommend following the below guidelines to avoid excessive email notifications:

  • Apply a filter to limit the number of jobs you are importing into Greenhouse sandbox
      • Suggestion: < 10 jobs
  • Apply a text constant value for the Notify_Email
      • Suggestion: a group inbox, one individual's email, or any email address where all stakeholders are aware of the notifications
  • Send across the report header of Temp_notify_emailupon initial job import to minimize initial emails. Then remove the Temp_ after the initial import has been completed. 

Deactivate HRIS Link notifications or hiring team assignment in a sandbox environment

If you would prefer to avoid potential errors and unnecessary notifications while testing in a sandbox, you can add a Temp_ prefix to each of the below report column headers to prevent HRIS Link from recognizing them. Before deploying the integration in production, ensure that the Temp_ prefix is removed from these headers in the production report so HRIS Link recognizes and processes the fields appropriately.

Production Report Column Header

Sandbox Report Column Header







Recruiter_Role_ID Temp_Recruiter_Role_ID
Notify_Email Temp_Notify_Email
Status Temp_Status

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