Best practices: Test HRIS Link using a Greenhouse sandbox


The following recommendations will help you test in a Greenhouse Recruiting sandbox and cutover to a production tenant as efficiently as possible.


Add a Temp_ prefix to report headers during testing

To avoid errors and unnecessary notifications to users while testing in a sandbox, we recommend adding a Temp_ prefix to each of the below report column headers. When you're ready to deploy the integration in production, remove the Temp_ prefix on these headers so HRIS Link recognizes and processes those fields appropriately.


Production Report Column Header

Sandbox Report Column Header







Recruiter_Role_ID Temp_Recruiter_Role_ID
Notify_Email Temp_Notify_Email
Status Temp_Status


Use Greenhouse IDs specific to your tenant

Greenhouse Recruiting sandbox tenants are not direct copies of your production tenant. More specifically, the unique IDs associated with users, Job Admin roles, and template jobs in a sandbox will differ from the IDs in your production environment. With that in mind, make sure your report references the correct IDs based on which tenant it is configured against:

  • Hiring_Manager_Role_ID
  • Recruiter_Role_ID
  • Template_Job_ID

Do not use HRIS Link to sync users with the sandbox

Configuration and enablement of HRIS Link to sync user accounts to a sandbox environment is not supported, due to the fact that Greenhouse Recruiting does not allow the same email address to be used across multiple tenants.

If you would like to test in a sandbox with a subset of users, please discuss details with your assigned technical consultant.


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