Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Google Meet is a video communication service developed by Google that helps you to connect, collaborate, and celebrate in virtual meetings.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Google Meet allows you to generate a Google Meet video conferencing link when scheduling with Google Calendar. Greenhouse Recruiting then automatically adds the Google Meet link to the interviewer invite and the candidate interview confirmation email.

Enable the integration

To enable Google Meet, enable the Google Calendar integration. Once complete, you're ready to use Google Meet.

Use the integration

Schedule an interview

Note: To schedule an interview using Google Meet, the person scheduling the interview must have enabled the Google Calendar integration, and your organization must support Google Meet in its Google Calendar configuration, which is managed outside of Greenhouse Recruiting.

To schedule a new interview with Google Meet, navigate to a candidate who requires scheduling.

From the candidate's profile, click Schedule Interview next to the interview to be scheduled. If you wish to schedule multiple back-to-back interviews, click Schedule All.

Next, enter the appropriate details in the Date, Time, and Interviewers fields.

Tip: Click the Settings icon at the top-right to confirm you're scheduling to the correct Google Calendar.

When finished, click Schedule and Continue at the bottom-right.

An example interview is shown with date, time, and interviewer, and the Schedule and Continue button highlighted in marigold at the bottom-right of the page

Tip: For more details on scheduling, check out Schedule interview to a personal calendar or Schedule interview to a shared calendar.

Edit the invite description or select an interviewer invite template.

Next, click Add Video Conferencing in the Schedule Summary panel.

An example scheduling summary is shown with Add Video Conferencing highlighted in marigold on the right side of the page

Select Google Meet from the dropdown menu. A unique video conferencing link will be added to the body of the interviewer invite after scheduling.

When finished, click Send Invites.

Note: If you're scheduling multiple interviews using Schedule All, a single meeting link is generated and shared across all included interviews.

Greenhouse Recruiting will send a calendar invite to the interviewers including the unique Google Meet video conferencing link.

If needed, the Google Meet link can also be copied directly from the candidate's profile beside the interview.

An example Google Meet is highlighted in marigold on a candidate profile beside the scheduled interview

Next, send an interview invite to the candidate.

Send an interview invite to a candidate

Note: Your candidate won't be notified of a scheduled interview unless you send an interview confirmation.

Once the interview is scheduled, click Send Interview Confirmation under the interview to send an interview confirmation email to the candidate.

Note: By default, this email uses the Default Candidate Interview Confirmation Message email template.

The Google Meet video conferencing link is automatically added to the body of the email and is also included in the calendar file attachment. Don't edit or remove the Google Meet link from the body of the email, or your candidate will have trouble connecting to your interview.

When finished, click Send Email.

Join an interview with Google Meet

At the time of the interview, the interviewer and the candidate can join the video conference by clicking the meeting link in the interview invite or calendar event.

The interviewer can admit or deny a participant entry to the meeting. If a candidate is denied entry, they can refresh to request entry again. Neither party can view meeting details.

Note: Your experience may differ based on your organization's unique Google Meet settings, which are managed on Google.