Permissions: Site Admin, and Job Admin who can create, edit, and delete stage transition rules

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Stage transition rules simplify your recruiting process by automating actions when a candidate is moved to a specified stage, such as sending an interview availability request email to the candidate.

Once your team has configured stage transition rules on one job, you can copy those rules to additional jobs.

Note: Stage transition rules cannot be edited or removed from jobs in bulk. Editing or removing stage transition rules must be completed on each job individually.

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Copy stage transition rule to jobs

Note: You must have Job Admin or above permissions on both the source job and the destination job. You cannot copy stage transition rules to jobs where you do not have permissions.

To begin, create a new stage transition rule, or navigate to a job with a stage transition rule already configured (Jobs > Job). From the Job Dashboard, click the Job Setup tab and navigate to Stage Transitions on the left-hand panel.

From the Stage Transition Rules page, click Copy to other jobs at the top right.

In the subsequent dialog box, click the checkbox next to each existing rule you wish to copy. When finished, click Select Jobs.

Click the checkbox next to each destination job where you wish to add the selected stage transition rule(s). Click Copy rules to # jobs when finished.

Note: A stage transition rule can be copied only to an identically named stage. For example, if you select a rule from a stage called Interview Event 1, you can copy the rule only to the Interview Event 1 stage on other jobs. Jobs without an Interview Event 1 stage will not be included in the list of selectable destination jobs.


Note: Copied rules default the User credited with this action field to the user who moved the candidate.

The stage transition rule(s) will be copied to the selected destination job(s) momentarily. Check the Bulk Actions tray at the bottom of the page to monitor progress.


Cases where stage transition rule will not be copied

A stage transition rule will not be copied to a destination job if any of the following are true:

  • The destination job does not include a stage with the same name as the stage the source stage transition rule is on
  • The destination job includes more than one stage with the same name as the source stage
  • The destination job already has a rule on the same stage as the source rule, and the new rule and the existing rule are mutually exclusive. For example, a stage cannot include both a stage transitions availability request rule and a stage transitions Calendly request rule
  • The destination job's matching stage does not include a schedulable interview

Note: This applies only to scheduling-related stage transition rules, such as availability request rules and Calendly request rules.

If multiple stage transition rules are copied to a job(s) and one or more of the rules cannot be copied for any of the reasons listed above, the rules that can be copied will be copied successfully, and the other rules will be skipped.

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