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Create Automated Availability Request Rule


Automated Availability Request Rules allow you to configure a Candidate Availability Request email to be sent immediately to a candidate when any member of your team advances them to a specified stage. 

In this article, we will cover: 


Create New Automated Availability Request Rule

To begin, click All Jobs from the navigation bar and select the job from the subsequent list.


From the Job Dashboard page, click the Job Setup tab and navigate to Stage Transitions on the left-hand panel.


From the Stage Transition Rules page, click Create a Rule


On the subsequent page, provide the following details: 


Select the stage where the rule will be triggered.

Template (optional)

Select the Candidate Availability Request email template to be used for candidate emails triggered by this rule.


Select the email address from which the automated candidate availability request email will be sent. 

Note: Setting the From detail to {{MY_EMAIL_ADDRESS}} will send the Availability Request email from the address of the user who advanced the candidate and triggered the rule. Automated Availability Requests can be sent only from either the user who advanced the candidate, or from 


Confirm the subject line from the selected email template appears as expected, or manually type a subject line if no template was selected.


Confirm the email body from the selected email template appears as expected, or manually type an email body if no template was selected.


Note: The following configurations are not supported in Automated Availability Requests:
  • CCing other users on the Availability Request email 
  • Adding attachments to the Availability Request email
  • Suggesting times

Once all details are provided, click Save at the bottom of the page. 


Your Automated Availability Request Rule is now configured and will display in the Stage Rules list. Any member of the job's Hiring Team with permission to edit the job can view, edit, or delete the Automated Availability Request Rule you created. 


These steps can be repeated to add an Automated Availability Request Rule for any stage in the job's Interview Plan that includes interviews to be scheduled. 

Note: To prevent two rules from existing on the same stage and creating a negative candidate experience, only one Automated Availability Request Rule can be configured per stage.

To help identify where rules do and do not exist, a lightning bolt icon will be displayed next to any stage with an Automated Rule configured. When you see this icon, be mindful that moving a candidate to the stage will trigger an automated action.



Send Automated Availability Request

Once your Automated Availability Request Rule is configured, it will be triggered immediately when any member of your team advances a candidate to the appropriate stage. 

Note: You cannot delay or selectively cancel an Automated Availability Request. The request will be sent immediately to any candidate who reaches the specified stage. 

To trigger an Automated Availability Request Rule, navigate to a candidate's profile and click Move Stage


Select and click a stage which includes an Automated Candidate Availability Request Rule. 


The candidate will be moved to the stage, and the availability request will be sent immediately. The availability request will be reflected on the candidate profile under the Stage view.


The availability request also will be logged in the candidate's Activity Feed.



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