Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems. The Greenhouse Recruiting / Zoom integration allows you to add Zoom links to interviews directly within Greenhouse Recruiting as part of your scheduling workflow.

Enable the Zoom integration

Note: Enabling the Greenhouse Recruiting / Zoom integration is a one-time setup for your entire organization, and must be completed by a user with a Zoom Admin account. Once enabled, the integration is available for use by all users in your Greenhouse Recruiting account who are scheduling interviews.

To start, click the Integrations on your navigation bar.


On the Integrations and Partners page, use the search bar at the top right to search for Zoom. Select Zoom from the list of results.


From the Zoom dialog box, click Connect.


On the Zoom-hosted authentication page, enter your Zoom credentials and authorize the integration when prompted.

Note: In order for users to have the ability to install the Zoom integration, the Greenhouse Recruiting application must be approved in the Zoom App Marketplace first.

Your organization's Marketplace Administrator must make this change directly through the Zoom Admin portal. To learn more, click here.


Once you're redirected back to Greenhouse Recruiting, the Zoom integration is enabled and can be used by any user in your Greenhouse Recruiting account when scheduling interviews.

Note: If the user who connected the Zoom integration leaves your organization or is downgraded from their Zoom Admin account, users in your organization will encounter an error when attempting to schedule using the integration. To resolve this, the Zoom integration must be disconnected by a Site Admin, then reconnected by a user with a Zoom Admin account.

Schedule an interview with the Zoom integration

To schedule a single interview using the Zoom integration, navigate to a candidate profile and click Schedule Interview next to the appropriate interview.


Note: If you are scheduling back-to-back interviews and want to use the same Zoom meeting link for all of the interviews, click Schedule All. On the Schedule Interview page, you'll create a single Zoom meeting link, which will be added to each of the events you schedule for the candidate during this workflow.
If you prefer to create separate Zoom meeting links for each interview, you must schedule interviews one at a time using the Schedule Interview option described below.

On the Scheduling for candidate page, enter the appropriate details in the Date, Time, and Interviewers fields, then click Schedule and Continue at the bottom-right of the page. For a more detailed walk-through of the scheduling process, please review the following article: Schedule an interview.


On the next page, click Add Video Conferencing in the Schedule Summary panel.


Select Zoom from the Video Conferencing dropdown menu, then click the Meeting Host dropdown and select the user who should own the meeting. You can choose between yourself, any users listed as interviewers for the event, and any users listed as Coordinators for the job.


Once you've made selections for the Video Conferencing and Meeting Host dropdown menus, a unique Zoom meeting link is generated. This link is added to the body of the interviewer invite when you click to send the invite.

Review the calendar invite(s) to be sent to the scheduled interviewer(s) and make any necessary changes. Click Send Invites at the bottom-right of the page when finished.

Note: If you are scheduling multiple interviews via the Schedule All function, a single meeting link is generated and shared across all interviews included in the Schedule All workflow.

Greenhouse Recruiting sends a calendar invite for the interview(s) to the interviewer(s). The calendar event includes the unique Zoom video conferencing link.


If needed, the Zoom meeting link can be copied directly from the candidate's profile next to the associated interview.

Follow your usual process to update an existing interview if you would like to edit, cancel, or delete an interview scheduled via the Zoom integration. Be sure to keep the Zoom meeting link in the body of the event, and to send updates to all guests. Click here to learn more about default settings and general considerations when scheduling via Zoom.

Send an interview invite to the candidate

Once the interview is scheduled, be sure to send an interview confirmation email to the candidate. From the candidate's profile, click Send Interview Confirmation.

Note: The candidate won't be notified of the interview unless you manually send an interview confirmation. Greenhouse Recruiting does not automatically notify candidates of scheduled interviews.


From the Availability dialog box, select an email template or edit the necessary fields of the email as needed. By default, the body of the email is drawn from the Default Candidate Interview Confirmation Message template. The Zoom video conferencing link is added automatically to the body of the email, and is also included in the calendar file attachment (if sent). Be sure not to edit or remove the Zoom link from the body of the email. Click Send Email when finished.


The Zoom meeting link is available to the scheduled interviewers through their calendar invites, and to the candidate through the Candidate Interview Confirmation email.

Disconnect the Zoom integration

Only a user with Site Admin level permissions can disconnect the Zoom integration at the company-level. To disconnect the integration, click the Integrations on the navigation bar and select zoom.


In the subsequent Zoom dialog box, click Disconnect.


Upcoming interviews scheduled with Zoom meeting links retain the Zoom meeting links after the integration is deactivated, and the links remain valid for use. Users cannot add Zoom meeting links to interviews scheduled moving forward.

Default settings and general considerations

The following default settings cannot be edited for the Greenhouse Recruiting / Zoom integration:

  • All Zoom meeting IDs are generated randomly through the integration. It is not possible to use the personal meeting ID on the integration.
  • All Zoom meeting IDs generated through the integration include a password.

The host's Zoom settings determine if the candidate can join the meeting before the host.

Your organization should consider enabling the ‘Embed passcode in the invite link’ for one-click join on Zoom Admin settings. This will ensure candidates can join Zoom meetings without entering a meeting passcode. You can learn more about enabling this on Zoom here.

If the Zoom host uses Zoom's Personal Meeting ID (PMI) feature, two different meeting IDs might be shown in the calendar event. Interviewers and candidates can click either link to connect to the meeting. To avoid confusion, we recommend that your Zoom hosts not use a Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting. You can learn more about deactivating a PMI on Zoom here.

Note: Organizations using the Calendly integration can schedule Zoom meetings through Calendly. This allows for additional functionality, such as Zoom's alternative host feature.

Scheduling interviews

The following information is sent to Zoom upon when the scheduling is complete:

  • Host name
  • Start time
  • Duration of the meeting
  • The subject line of the interviewer invite

The name of the meeting matches the information entered in the subject line of the interviewer invite, unless the subject line was blank when selecting "Zoom" from the Add Video Conferencing dropdown.

In this case, Zoom defaults the meeting name to Zoom Meeting. Zoom meeting titles render interview tokens such as {{INTERVIEW_NAME}} and {{CANDIDATE_NAME}}, unless the user scheduling has unchecked the box for Use the same email template for all calendar invites.

Canceling, deleting, and rescheduling interviews

Canceling or deleting an interview containing a Zoom meeting link does not deactivate the link or remove the meeting from your organization's Zoom account. If an interview is rescheduled, the date and time won't be updated in Zoom. However, the meeting will be ready whenever the interviewer joins the meeting link, regardless of what is displayed in Zoom as the scheduled time.

Additional resources

For more information about scheduling with the Zoom integration, including default integration behavior, expected settings, and special considerations, download the Greenhouse video conferencing integration settings guide on the right side of the page.