Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available to all subscription tiers

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with Zoom allows you to add Zoom links to interviews directly within Greenhouse Recruiting as part of your scheduling workflow.

Set up the integration

Note: This integration only needs to be set up once for your entire organization, but it must be completed by someone with a Zoom Admin account. Once enabled, the integration is available to everyone in your Greenhouse Recruiting environment who can schedule interviews.

To set up the integration, log in to Greenhouse Recruiting and click Integrations on your navigation bar.

The Greenhouse Recruiting Dashboard shows Integrations highlighted in marigold on the navigation bar

Search for Zoom, and select it from the list of results. Click Connect.

The Zoom integration is shown on Greenhouse Recruiting with Connect highlighted in marigold

Next, enter your Zoom Admin credentials, and sign in to authorize the integration.

The Zoom platform shows a sign in page with a field for a username and password

Note: In order for you to authorize the Zoom integration, Greenhouse Recruiting must be approved in your organization's Zoom App Marketplace. If it isn't already, your organization's Marketplace Administrator can approve the app in the Zoom Admin portal. Learn more.

Once complete, the Zoom integration is enabled and can be used by anyone in your Greenhouse Recruiting environment when scheduling interviews.

The following default settings can't be edited for this integration:

  • All Zoom meeting IDs are generated randomly.
  • All Zoom meeting IDs include a password.

Tip: If your Zoom host uses Zoom's Personal Meeting ID (PMI) feature, two different meeting IDs might be shown on the calendar event. Interviewers and candidates could click either link to connect to the meeting. To avoid confusion, we recommend that your Zoom hosts not use a Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting. Learn more about deactivating PMI on Zoom.

Note: If the person who connected the Zoom integration leaves your organization or their Zoom Admin account is downgraded, people in your organization will encounter an error when attempting to schedule with this integration. To resolve this, the Zoom integration should be disconnected by a Site Admin, and then reconnected by someone with a valid Zoom Admin account.

Use the integration

Schedule an interview with Zoom

Tip: Organizations using the Calendly integration can schedule Zoom meetings through Calendly. This allows for added functionality, like Zoom's alternative host feature.

To schedule an interview using the Zoom integration, navigate to a candidate profile and click Schedule Interview.

An example candidate is shown in Greenhouse Recruiting with Schedule Interview highlighted in marigold on their profile

Note: If you're scheduling back-to-back interviews and want to use the same Zoom meeting link for all interviews, click Schedule All. This way you can create a single Zoom meeting link which will be added to each of the interviews you schedule for the candidate. If you prefer to create separate Zoom meeting links for each interview, schedule the interviews one at a time.

Next, select the details for the interview date, time, and interviewers, then click Schedule and Continue at the bottom-right of the page.

An example interview is shown with date, time, and interviewers selected and the Schedule and Continue button highlighted in marigold at the bottom

Tip: For more details on scheduling, check out Schedule an interview.

Edit the invite description or select an interviewer invite template. The name of the Zoom meeting will match the subject line of the interviewer invite unless the subject line is blank, in which case Zoom will name it Zoom Meeting. Zoom meeting titles will render interview tokens such as {{INTERVIEW_NAME}} and {{CANDIDATE_NAME}} unless you uncheck Send an email update to all interviewers.

Next, click Add Video Conferencing under Schedule Summary.

The scheduling confirmation page shows a marigold emphasis box highlighted the Add video interviewing button

Select Zoom from the Video Conferencing dropdown, then select the person who should host the meeting. You can choose between yourself, any people listed as interviewers for the event, or any people listed as coordinators on the job.

An example Zoom meeting is shown being configured with a list of users shown in the meeting host dropdown

Note: It isn't possible to edit the meeting host once the interview is scheduled. If you need to change the meeting host later, delete and reschedule the interview.

When finished, click Send Invites. A unique Zoom meeting link will be generated and automatically added to the body of the interviewer invite.

Note: If you're scheduling multiple interviews with Schedule All, a single Zoom meeting link will be generated and shared across all selected interviews.

Greenhouse Recruiting will send a calendar invite to the interviewers including the unique Zoom video conferencing link.

An example interviewer invite shows the Zoom video conferencing link automatically included

You can also copy the Zoom meeting link directly from the interview on the candidate's profile if needed.

Tip: Follow your usual process to update an interview if you need to edit, cancel, or delete an existing interview scheduled with Zoom. Just keep the Zoom meeting link in the body of the event, and send updates to all guests. While the date and time won't be updated in Zoom when rescheduled, the meeting will be ready whenever the interviewer joins regardless of what scheduled time is displayed in Zoom.

Note: Canceling or deleting an interview in Greenhouse Recruiting that contains a Zoom meeting link doesn't deactivate the meeting or remove the meeting from your organization's Zoom account.

The following information is sent to Zoom when scheduling is complete:

  • Host name
  • Start time
  • Duration of the meeting
  • Subject line of the interviewer invite

Send an interview invite to a candidate

Note: A candidate won't be notified of a scheduled interview unless you send an interview confirmation.

Once an interview is scheduled, click Send Interview Confirmation beside the interview to send an interview confirmation email to the candidate.

An example candidate is shown with a scheduled interview and the Send Interview Confirmation button highlighted in marigold on their candidate profile

Select an email template or edit the email as needed.

Note: By default, this email uses the Default Candidate Interview Confirmation Message template.

The Zoom video conferencing link will be automatically added to the body of the email and is also included in the calendar file attachment. Don't edit or remove the Zoom link, or your candidate will have trouble connecting to your interview.

When finished, click Send Email.

An example interview confirmation email is shown with Send Email and the Zoom meeting link highlighted in marigold emphasis boxes at the bottom

Tip: Your Zoom host's settings determine if the candidate can join the meeting before the host.

Your organization should consider enabling the Embed passcode in the invite link for one-click join setting on Zoom Admin settings. This will ensure candidates can join meetings without entering a Zoom meeting passcode.

Disconnect the integration

Note: Only Site Admin can disconnect the Zoom integration for an organization.

To disconnect the integration, click Integrations on your navigation bar and select Zoom.

Click Disconnect.

Once complete, people at your organization won't be able to use the integration to create Zoom meeting links going forward. However, any interviews already scheduled will retain valid Zoom meeting links.

Additional resources

For more detailed guidance, download the Greenhouse Recruiting video interview settings guide.