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Default Job Admin Levels


Job Admin levels are defined sets of permissions that are granted to Job Admin users on a per-job basis. Greenhouse Recruiting provides all organizations with two default Job Admin levels:

  • Job Admin: Standard
  • Job Admin: Private

With these default Job Admin levels, you can assign a Job Admin user a specific permission set based on the level of access and visibility the user needs on that particular job.

Note: Organizations with an Advanced or Expert subscription can customize Job Admin levels, including adding or removing permission stripes from the default Job Admin: Standard and Job Admin: Private levels, deleting the default levels entirely, and creating new Job Admin levels. Organizations with an Essential subscription tier cannot edit the default Job Admin levels or create custom Job Admin levels. For more information about creating custom Job Admin levels, click here

In this article, we will cover: 


Job Admin Levels Overview 

Greenhouse Recruiting includes three user permission levels: Basic, Job Admin / Interviewer, and Site Admin. Users belonging to the same permission level generally will be able to complete the same actions, although some variances might occur based on the user-specific permissions assigned to an individual. To learn more about the Job Admin / Interviewer user type and use cases for assigning this user type, click here

Users assigned to the Job Admin / Interviewer user permission level can only access jobs to which they are explicitly assigned. Every time you assign a Job Admin user to a job, you also must choose which Job Admin level (Job Admin: Standard or Job Admin: Private) the user should have on that particular job, based on their involvement in the job's hiring process. Assigning a user to a role as a Job Admin allows the user to see the job, while the specific Job Admin level selected for the user defines what actions the user can take on the job


Job Admin: Private Versus Job Admin: Standard

Managing user access to private candidate information is tricky — you need to ensure your users have all the information they need to make an informed decision without over-sharing, which can be a tough line to walk. Moreover, blanket user permission levels can be problematic if Job Admins require access to private data for only certain jobs (e.g. a recruiter is involved with salary negotiations for one job, but you would not want them to see this information for a candidate on their own level or higher).

The Job Admin: Private level allows your organization to designate the jobs where a user can access private candidate data, without giving them that visibility on all jobs to which they are assigned. 

On jobs where they are assigned the Job Admin: Private level, a user will be able to view the following details / complete the following actions for all candidates on the job:

  • View and upload private attachments
  • View and add private notes
  • View and edit Offer Details
  • Mark candidate as hired

A user who is assigned the Job Admin: Standard level on a job cannot see any of the listed details or complete the noted actions. 

Built-in Job Admin permissions mean a user assigned as either a Job Admin: Standard or a Job Admin: Private on a job always will have the following abilities on that job: 

  • Can see the job's Dashboard, pipeline, and reports
  • Can see all candidates on the job
  • Can add and edit candidates and referrals
  • Can be assigned Hiring Team roles

A Job Admin will be able to move a candidate only to another job where they have permissions that are the same level or lower, but not higher (i.e. a Job Admin: Standard cannot move a candidate to a job where they are a Job Admin: Private). If a Job Admin: Standard was allowed to move a candidate to a job where they are a Job Admin: Private, the user would gain access to all the private information on the moved profile.

Regardless of whether the intent is malicious or accidental, allowing this action could show an employee a new hire in their role is making more money than they do themselves, or that they are at the bottom end of the salary band for the job. They could find out sensitive details about a new hire's health or family situation that were meant to be kept between the Hiring Team and the candidate, or even read a negative comment that an interviewer mentioned on their scorecard. Because these incidents represent some of the worst-case scenarios for your users and Hiring Team, Greenhouse Recruiting imposes some restrictions on Job Admins moving candidates between jobs. 


Audit Users With Specified Job Admin Level

To audit which users are assigned Job Admin: Private access, click the Configure icon Configure.png in the upper-right corner, then click Users in the left-hand panel. 


On the Users page, click Export to Excel


An .xlsx file containing all your users will be downloaded to your computer. Find the Job Admin: Private column to determine on how many jobs each user has been assigned the Job Admin: Private level. 



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