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Acquire the right talent in high volume roles using Journeyfront’s AI-powered Assessments to predict candidate performance and retention. Journeyfront uses a brief assessment to evaluate the traits of your best (and worst) employees and create a model of the ideal hire, including attributes such as interests, values, competencies, and personality. Candidate assessments are measured against this data, so you can better predict performance and likelihood of turnover. As we track actual results alongside predicted data, we’ll be able to improve your company’s unique hire model and optimize Journeyfront’s future predictions.

Greenhouse’s assessment integration with Journeyfront allows the following to happen:

  1. Candidates are automatically invited to complete the custom Journeyfront assessments when they apply to a given position in Greenhouse
  2. Candidates are automatically moved to the Journeyfront Assessments sent job stage
  3. Candidates assessment results are automatically sent back to Greenhouse 
  4. Candidates are automatically moved to the Journeyfront Assessments Complete job stage

This guide will outline the steps to set up the assessment integration between Greenhouse and Journeyfront and will cover the following:

  1. Creating the Harvest API Key in Greenhouse
  2. Assign a User for Updates
  3. Setting up Custom Fields
  4. Set up Custom Stages on Each Job
  5. Adding the Journeyfront Assessment Link on Each Job
  6. Setting Up the Custom Web Hook
  7. Testing the Integration

Step 1. Create a custom key in Greenhouse

  • Click the Configure Icon in Greenhouse
  • Click “Dev Center”
  • Click “API Credential Management”


  • Click “Create New API Key”
  • Enter the following details:
    • Description = “Journeyfront Assessment Integration”
    • Type = “Harvest”


  • Click “Create”
  • Expand the “Applications” section and check the following options:
    • GET: Retrieve Application
    • PATCH: Update Application
    • POST: Advance Application
    • POST: Add Attachment to Application
    • What it should look like


  • Click “Update”
  • Click “Copy” next to the newly created API Key


  • Send key to Journeyfront (e.g. 642a0ffb563d1d7e97c8ca0c747fe8d9-1

Step 2. Assign a User for Updates

Automatic updates made in Greenhouse have to be done by an active user in Greenhouse. We recommend setting up a specific user to handle the integration. To setup a new user and retrieve the needed user ID do the following:


  • Click the Settings Icon in Greenhouse
  • Click “Users”
  • Click “+ New Users”


  • Enter the email address “
  • Set permissions to one of the following
    • Site Admin
      • Do this if you want to grant access to all jobs for the integration
    • Job Admin
      • Do this if you want to specify each job that the integration will have access to
      • If you select this option do the following:
        • Click “Add” net to “Job Based Permissions”
        • Click the edit pencil icon next to each job that you want to use the assessment integration
        • Select Job Admin: Standard
        • Click “Save”
        • Click “Edit Journeyfront Integration”
  • Uncheck “Send invitation email”
  • Click “Save”
  • Click on the email address of the newly created user
  • Add first name as “Journeyfront”
  • Add last name as “Integration?


  • Click “Save”
  • Click “Back to all users”
  • Click “Export to Excel”



  • Send the user ID to Journeyfront (e.g. 4478379002)

Step 3. Set up Custom Fields

Data will be sent from and to your Greenhouse ATS and some of this information will be stored in custom fields. The following custom fields need to be set up for the integration to work properly. To set up the custom fields follow these steps:

IMPORTANT: Make sure to enter the field names exactly as specified below. The names must match for the integration to work properly.

Job Fields: Journeyfront Assessment Link (Available for all greenhouse

  • Click the Settings Icon in Greenhouse
  • Click “Custom Options”
  • Click “Jobs”


  • Click “+ Add Field”


  • Add the following details:
    • Field = “Journeyfront Assessment Link”
    • Description = “Unique Journeyfront assessment link for each job req”
    • Type = “Short textbox”


  • Click “Save”

Step 4. Set up Custom Stages on Each Job

For each job req that will be administering assessments, two unique stages need to be set up that will be used for organizing the candidates. To set up the stages do the following FOR EACH JOB.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to stage names are exactly as specified below. The names must match for the integration to work properly.

  • Click on “All Jobs” in the main navigation
  • Click on the Job name that will be using the Journeyfront Assessments


  • Click “Job Setup”
  • Click “Interview Plan”
  • Click “+ Add a Stage”


  • Create a new stage called “Journeyfront Assessment Sent”
  • Click “Add”


    • Repeat and create new stage called “Journeyfront Assessment Complete”


  • **Note:  If you want an email automatically send to the candidate when they first apply, make sure the two newly created stages are directly after the Application Review Stage.


Step 5. Add the Journeyfront Assessment Link on Each Job

Each job will have a unique assessment link for candidates. This link comes from Journeyfront and needs to be added to each job in Greenhouse that will be using the Journeyfront assessments. To add the Journeyfront assessment link on each job in Greenhouse do the following:


  • Log into your Journeyfront account
  • Click “Hire”
  • Click the name of the SmartReq that you want to link to in Greenhouse
  • Click “Actions > Invite Applicants”
  • Copy the Invitation Link
  • Log into Greenhouse
  • Click “All Jobs”
  • Click the name of the corresponding job in Greenhouse
  • Click “Job Setup”
  • Click “Edit” to the right of “Job Info”


  • Scroll down and click the pencil edit icon next to the “Journeyfront Assessment Link” field
  • Paste the invitation link that was copied from Journeyfront


  • Click “Save”

Repeat these steps for each Job Req for which you want to send assessments to.

Step 6. Set Up the Custom Web Hook

The web hook will send candidate data to Journeyfront when a new application is submitted. To set up the web hook follow these steps:


  • Click the Settings Icon in Greenhouse
  • Click “Dev Center”
  • Click “Web Hooks”


  • Click “Web Hooks” … again :)



  • Click “Create Web Hook”

Step 7. Test the Integration

Make sure the integration is working properly and you are getting candidate data in Greenhouse. To test the Greenhouse integration with Journeyfront assessments do the following:

  1. Have a test candidate (with a real email address) apply to one of the jobs that has a Journeyfront Assessment Link
  2. Log into Greenhouse and verify that the candidate has been automatically moved into the “Journeyfront Assessment Sent” Stage
  3. Check the email of the candidate and verify that they received an email from Journeyfront inviting them to take the assessments.
  4. Click the link in the email, create an account, and complete the Journeyfront assessments
  5. Wait at max 10 minutes OR work with your Journeyfront team to immediately send the completed candidates back to Greenhouse
  6. Verify that in Greenhouse the candidate has been moved to the “Journeyfront Assessment Complete” stage
  7. Verify that the Journeyfront field on the application have been populated
  8. Click on the Journeyfront Scorecard link and make sure you can see the complete candidate scorecard


Need help?

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