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A custom opening field allows your organization to record select information on a per-opening basis rather than for the entire job. Recording information on a per-opening basis can be useful if you plan to hire multiple candidates of varying attributes such as experience and location against the same hiring plan, and need to capture information specific to the opening.

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Custom opening fields appear in job approval and offer approval notifications and in the job status report to help your finance departments track against hiring plans. 

Use Case: Your organization has a Software Engineer job with 3 available openings to hire the following:

  • Junior Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer 1
  • Senior Software Engineer

In addition to a varied salary scale, your organization also offers equity based on the seniority/experience level of the individual hired. Since you plan to use the same hiring plan for all 3 openings, use custom opening fields to record specific information relevant to the opening. Once configured, you can select the appropriate salary scale and/or equity tier for each opening rather than create individual jobs for each opening. 

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