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RolePoint will integrate with Greenhouse utilizing the Harvest API to provide a VIP referral experience to employees and candidates within the RolePoint platform by:
  • Allowing employees to refer to all open positions in Greenhouse
  • Uploading candidates to Greenhouse from RolePoint
  • Giving employees visibility to high-level statuses in RolePoint based on the candidate stage in Greenhouse. 

Please note: Greenhouse has a built-in referral widget. If you wish to turn that off, please reach out to your Greenhouse Customer Success Manager.


Getting Started – Access & Source Tracking

To get started, you will need to generate a Harvest API Key. RolePoint will need access to the following permissions: 

  • Applications
    • GET: List Applications
    • GET: Retrieve Application
    • PATCH: Update Application
    • POST: Advance Application
    • POST: Move Application
    • POST: Moves Application to Job
  • Candidates
    • GET: List Candidate
    • GET: Retrieve Candidate
    • PATCH: Edit Candidate
    • POST: Add Attachment
    • POST: Add Candidate
    • POST: Add Candidate Application
    • POST: Add Notes
    • POST: Add Prospect
    • PUT: Merge Candidates
  • Job Posts
    • GET: List Job Posts
    • GET: Retrieve Job Post
    • GET: List Job Posts for Job
  • Jobs
    • GET: List Jobs
    • GET: Retrieve Job
    • GET: Hiring Team
  • Sources
    • GET: List Sources
  • Users
    • GET: List Users
    • GET: Retrieve User


For certain requests above, such as creating a note on the candidate activity feed, RolePoint is required to provide a User ID on which the note should be posted on-behalf-of. This is for auditing purposes; therefore, you will also need to create a user called RolePoint using the following email:



As RolePoint imports candidates into Greenhouse, RolePoint would like to ensure that your referred candidates are accurately tracked. To do this, you can create a custom source (ie. RolePoint, Talent Connect, etc) for your referred candidates.

Please provide the Harvest API key, User ID, and Source Value to your implementation manager.

Jobs Feed

In order to display jobs in your referral portal for employees to refer candidates to, RolePoint syncs jobs information from Greenhouse twice a day. RolePoint typically pulls jobs that are open and posted on the company job board; however, RolePoint can utilize specific job attributes in Greenhouse to filter the jobs displayed in your referral portal. If you would like to add additional filters, please define them below:

  •  ie. Job Folder = Approved
  • ie. Job Posting Status = Posted
  • ie. Req Type = Full-Time
  • ie. Job Board = Company Montreal, Company

RolePoint obtains the following information from Greenhouse to display to your employees. If there are custom fields that we should use instead of the Greenhouse equivalent fields, please indicate them below in the right column:



Candidate/Referral Insert

With the Harvest API, RolePoint is able to import the referred candidate into either a specific job or as a prospect by submitting the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Telephone
  • Resume
  • Social URLs (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc – optional)
  • Endorsement Strength & Text (optional)
  • Source (RolePoint & Referrer Info)


Candidate Status

RolePoint will pull the current status of the candidate on an application from Greenhouse, which we then use to email and update employees on how their candidate is progressing. The standard statuses that RolePoint displays to employees are:

  • New
  • Contacted
  • Under Assessment
  • Hired
  • Archived

You will need to obtain a list of all possible dispositions in Greenhouse and define which RolePoint status each disposition should be mapped to and/or add additional statuses that we should display to employee.




**Not all statuses need to be used/mapped.