Create an ISU in Greenhouse Recruiting for an integration

Permissions: Site Admin who can edit another user's advanced permissions

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Partner integrations, developers, and HRIS platforms use Greenhouse APIs to import and update jobs, offices, departments, and users. We recommend creating an Integration System User (ISU) to authenticate your API requests. Rather than requiring a specific user at your organization to authenticate the request, which could cause downstream errors if the person loses permissions or cannot access Greenhouse Recruiting, an ISU allows you to create a solid infrastructure for your organization's API needs.

Additionally, the ISU will appear in all audit logs and reports, eliminating confusion about who performed a specific action.

Create an ISU in Greenhouse Recruiting

To create an ISU in Greenhouse Recruiting, click the Configure icon Configure icon on your navigation bar and then click Users.

Screenshot of Configure > Users

Click + New Users on the next page.

Screenshot of Add new users

Enter an email address to be associated with the ISU.

Under the Set permissions section, click Site Admin, and grant the ISU all Site Admin user-specific permissions.

When finished, click Save.

Note: The ISU user’s email address should not be associated with a real user. This does not have to be an email address with a real inbox (the user is not required to login to Greenhouse Recruiting), but the email address should use your company’s domain.

Once the ISU is created, locate the ISU in your users list (Configure > Users) and edit the user to set the name to {integration_name} ISU.

Screenshot of edit user name to be ISU

When finished, click Save.