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Organizations that are great at hiring make recruiting a company-wide effort.

However, it can be challenging to convince certain departments or individuals within your organization of their role in creating a recruiting culture. Greenhouse Recruiting's candidate survey can help your team share recruiting insights with your organization on how their participation impacts the candidate experience.

The candidate survey is a set of 9 standardized questions that can be sent to a hired or rejected candidate after they have exited a job's pipeline. The questions gauge the overall satisfaction with the candidate experience and offer space for commentary on ways to improve.


Note: The candidate survey questions cannot be edited. The goal of candidate surveys is to have consistent data across all jobs and companies so that you have benchmarks to compare yourself against. In order to have these benchmarks, the questions must be the same across all jobs and across all companies. Because of this, the questions included in the candidate survey are standardized across Greenhouse Recruiting and cannot be edited, removed, or appended.

Why the candidate survey is important

Candidate satisfaction has profound effects on your company’s hiring brand, offer acceptance rates, referrals, and more. By collecting consistent data and actual quotes from candidates, it's possible to use real evidence to demonstrate how the candidate experience is helping or hurting your hiring goals.

Example: Imagine kicking off a new job knowing the following facts from your candidate surveys:

  1. 15% of candidates strongly disagreed with the idea that our interviewers are well-prepared and conducted the interview skillfully. Only 3% of candidates say that about the average company.
  2. A candidate recently responded “I’m not sure my interviewers even knew what role I was applying for. Questions were vague, duplicated, or irrelevant.”

If the Hiring Manager knows this feedback during the kickoff, it may affect how they view the hiring process or their own place in it.

Relying on real-life examples for your organization will help convey the correct impact of the candidate experience. Additionally, as the amount of survey responses increases, you could compare candidate responses between departments, offices, or industry averages and make strategic improvements based on this data.

Who gets a survey?

When configuring candidate surveys, your team can choose to send the survey to candidates who interview in a specific office and / or department. You can also define when the survey invitation is sent to the candidate.

Candidates will not receive a survey invitation if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • The candidate has received a survey from your organization within the past 6 months from another application.
  • They are still an active candidate for another job in your Greenhouse Recruiting organization.
  • The candidate has Do not email selected on their profile.

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