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Send Scorecard Reminders


Note: Some organizations now have access to customize and schedule Scorecard Reminder notifications! This feature will be available for all organizations soon. Click here to learn more. 

Scorecard reminders are emails sent to interviewers after a candidate interview to remind them to submit a scorecard for a recently completed interview. In this article, we will cover:


Automatically Sent Scorecard Reminders

Greenhouse Recruiting automatically sends a scorecard reminder email to the interviewer one hour after the end time of the email. The contents of this automated email is generated from the Default Scorecard Reminder Email Template.


This automated scorecard reminder email cannot be deactivated nor can its delivery schedule be altered.

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting will only send this automated scorecard reminder email once to interviewers. Any subsequent reminder emails must be sent manually.


Manually Send Scorecard Reminders

Once an interview is finished, users with the appropriate permissions on the job can manually send an scorecard reminder email to interviewers.

From a candidate's profile, navigate to the On Job panel and click Stage on the left-hand side.


Expand the stage for the recently completed interview and click Send Reminder.


From the subsequent dialog box, you can select which template to use for the email, the sender email address, etc...

Additionally, you can customize the subject heading and body of the email. Click Send Email when finished.


The scorecard reminder email will be sent to the interviewer.