Schedule interview to shared calendar (Google Calendar)


Users who have enabled the Google Calendar integration can schedule interviews to calendars where they have appropriate editing permissions. In this article, we will cover how to schedule and invite interviewers to a calendar event on a shared calendar.

Note: In order to schedule to a shared calendar, you must have permission for Make changes to events on the shared calendar. For more information, click here

To begin, navigate to a candidate profile with an interview that needs to be scheduled (All Jobs > Job > Candidates). From the candidate profile, navigate to the Stage tab on the On Job panel. Locate the interview to be scheduled and click Schedule Interview.

Note: We recommend requesting the candidate's availability prior to scheduling an interview. Click here to learn more.


From the Scheduling for candidate page, click the Settings icon Settings.png. In the Settings dialog window, click the Calendar Name dropdown to select the shared calendar where you wish to schedule the interview. 

Note: You can schedule only to calendars you own, or to shared calendars where you have been granted permission for Make changes to events

The Time Zone dropdown defaults to your user account's time zone. Interviews scheduled between time zones are automatically adjusted for the interviewer and the candidate to reflect their respective time zones.

When finished, click Save


These settings will remain your defaults for future scheduling unless manually adjusted. 

Use the left-hand panel to input the interview details such as date and time, interviewers, location, and office.

If your organization's Google Admin has configured calendars for conference/interview rooms, they can be selected from the Resources dropdown menu. If available, select a room to add it directly to your interview invite. Click here to learn more. 

If the candidate submitted availability, it is indicated in white blocks in the right-hand panel. Once you select an interviewer and conference room / resource, the availability for each is indicated in the right-hand panel as well. Use this view to find the best time for all parties. 

Note: Viewing interviewer availability requires you to have Make changes to events permissions for the interviewer's calendar. Click here to learn more. 

When finished entering details, click Schedule and Continue


On the subsequent page, use the Schedule Summary panel on the right to confirm the interview details are correct. Select an interviewer invite template from the Templates dropdown, or manually enter your own description. If you wish to notify interviewers of the event by email, be sure the Send an email update to all interviewers box is checked. 

When finished, click Send Invites


Note: Greenhouse Recruiting's scheduling calendar (what enables us to compile and manage your interviewing schedule) is added to all of your organization's interviews as a guest. By sending an email update to all interviewers you ensure that Greenhouse Recruiting is also notified of the change to your organization's interview schedule.

Once sent, interviewers (and Greenhouse Recruiting) are invited to the newly created interview on the shared calendar. Be sure to send a separate interview confirmation email to the candidate for the new interview.