Schedule an interview to a personal calendar with Google Calendar

Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

After you enable the Google Calendar integration, you can schedule interviews to personal or shared calendars on Greenhouse Recruiting.

Tip: Learn how to schedule to a shared calendar.

Schedule an interview

Tip: We recommend that you request the candidate's availability before scheduling an interview. 

Find the interview that needs to be scheduled on the Stages tab of the candidate profile. Click Schedule under the To-do section to open the calendar. 

Your calendar settings are automatically selected based on your user account. If needed, you can update your default scheduling calendar by clicking the Settings icon. 


Select the time zone, calendar type, and calendar name for the interview. 


Note: The time zone dropdown defaults to your Greenhouse Recruiting account time zone. Interviews scheduled between time zones are automatically adjusted for the interviewer and the candidate to reflect their respective time zones.

When finished, click Save. Your calendar settings will be automatically selected the next time you schedule an interview.

Next, select the interview details like date, time, and interviewers on the left. 


Tip: If your organization's Google Admin has configured calendars for conference or interview rooms, they can be selected in the Resources dropdown. If you select a resource, it'll be added directly to your interview invite. Learn more about scheduling resources.

If the candidate submits availability for the interview, it's shown in white blocks on the calendar. Availability for a selected room or resource is also shown on the calendar.


Select a slot for your interview by clicking an open section on the calendar. You can adjust the start and end times on the left.

If you're having trouble finding an open slot on a specific day, navigate between days at the top of the page. 

Note: To see the availability of a member of your hiring team, you need 'Make changes to events' permission on the interviewer's calendar. Learn more on Google.

When finished, click Schedule and Continue.


On the next page, verify that the interview details are correct.


You can select an interviewer invite template from the dropdown, or type a message in the description field.


If you want to notify interviewers of the event by email, check Send an email update to all interviewers.


When finished, click Send Invites.


Note: Greenhouse Recruiting is added to all of your interviews as a guest. This ensures the interview syncs to Greenhouse Recruiting.

When you send invites, all listed interviewers will be displayed on the event as attendees.

Tip: Send an interview confirmation email to the candidate so they're informed of the interview details.