Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

If your organization has scheduled an interview using the Google Calendar integration, you can reschedule/update the interview directly in Greenhouse Recruiting. 

To reschedule an interview, navigate to a candidate profile and find the interview under the Stages tab. Click the Ellipses icon and choose Reschedule from the list.

Once you're on the scheduling page, you can modify the interview times as needed. This process is the same as initially scheduling the interview.


Once the interview details are updated, click Schedule and Continue.


Note: To use the Find Times feature, you will need to have been granted Make changes to events permissions to the interviewer and room calendars. For more information, click here.

On the next page, confirm the updated interview details are correct in the right panel. If everything looks correct, click Update Interviews

Note: If you want to notify the interviewer(s) of the change by email, be sure the box for Send an email update to all interviewers is checked.


When you send the invites, all the listed interviewers and the Greenhouse Recruiting scheduling guest user will display on the event as attendees. You'll need to send a separate interview confirmation email to the candidate for the updated interview.

Note: Greenhouse Recruiting's scheduling calendar (the system that lets us compile and manage your interviewing schedule) is added to all of your organization's interviews as a guest. By sending an email update to all interviewers, you ensure that Greenhouse Recruiting is also notified of the change to your organization's interview schedule.