Permissions: Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Greenhouse Onboarding provides default access for all employees in your organization. Generally, this role determines which employee fields a user can view and edit who is not assigned a manager, administrative, or custom role.

Unless a user is given a manager, administrative, or custom role, all users in Greenhouse Onboarding will automatically inherit view and/or edit access to employee fields configured in this tier.

Additionally, this tier acts as the default employee field permission for administrative and custom roles unless configured otherwise.

Updating employee access

You can update the employee access permissions on the Permissions page. (Settings > Permissions

Screenshot of permissions sidebar item

Scroll down to the Default Access section and click Edit next to Employee Access

Screenshot of employee access edit button

Select or deselect the checkboxes to update whether or not employees can see the data. See the sections below for more detailed information on the permission types.

Note: Fields marked with a red asterisk must be completed during an employee's onboarding.

Screenshot of required field

If a field has an existing checkmark in the column, it is a Greenhouse Onboarding default and can't be updated.

Can edit for oneself and Viewable to company permissions

The Can Edit for Oneself permission allows employees to view and edit the field. If this checkbox is not selected, any updates to this field must be completed by an admin.

Screenshot of self edit column

The Viewable to Company checkbox makes the employee field viewable to other users in your organization. Select this checkbox for each field that you want to display on the employee's profile.

Screenshot of viewable to admin permission

By using different combinations of these checkboxes, you can configure the visibility and editability of your Greenhouse Onboarding data.  

Example: If you want a field to be both viewable to other employees and freely updated by the user (such as "Dream vacation spot"), you'll want to select both checkboxes.

Screenshot of field that is both visible and editable

In cases where you want a field to be visible but not editable (such as Department or Manager), you'll select the Viewable to Company checkbox but leave the Can Edit for Onself box unchecked.

Screenshot of viewable but not editable

In other cases, you may want the user to be able to update the field, but not display it on their profile (such as "Emergency Contact" or "T-Shirt Size"). In this situation, you'll select Can Edit for Onself but leave Viewable to Company unchecked.

Screenshot of editable but not viewable

In cases where you want the field to be associated with a user's account, but not visible or editable by employees (such as Date of Termination), leave both boxes unchecked.

Screenshot of field not visible to employees