Permissions: Job Admin and above

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

When you create a form in Greenhouse Recruiting, your organization can collect structured candidate information that you did not (or would not) collect as part of an initial job post. These created forms are sent out after a candidate has already entered your job pipeline and can also be configured to be sent once they've reached a particular stage in the process.

Forms are created for every individual job and how your organization decides to configure and implement the feature depends on how your organization has structured its job posts and hiring plan.

Below please find some example use cases that Greenhouse has compiled to help your organization implement the feature.

Example use cases

Secondary data form for actively considered candidates

A simple initial application process is a quick and easy way to get many candidates into a job's pipeline. Perhaps your organization has a very simple job post that only collects the most basic candidate details in order to attract as many applicants as possible. While this is great news for the top of your hiring funnel, your organization will still want to collect other data points for actively considered candidates. Using the forms feature, your organization can create a secondary application that collects additional data on candidates which can be sent to the candidate if they reach a stage in your process such as the phone interview stage.

Lunch form for onsite visits

Perhaps your organization serves lunch to every candidate who comes onsite for a face to face interview. Rather than having your organization's recruiters on the job contact every candidate to take lunch orders, use the forms feature to generate a lunch order form that will be sent to candidates before they actually get onsite.

Reference form for latter interview stages

Rather than ask for a list of references in your initial job post, use the forms feature to gather this information later in the process. For instance, send out a form to late-stage candidates that ask for references prior to the offer stage.