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Add Hiring Manager Review Stage to Multiple Interview Plans


The Hiring Manager Review stage is a secondary Application Review step within a job's interview plan. It allows a Hiring Manager to (re)view candidates that initially caught a recruiter's eye. With this stage, your organization can determine how and when to solicit feedback from a job's Hiring Manager about potential candidates. In this article, we will cover:


Bulk Add the Hiring Manager Review Stage

To bulk add the Hiring Manager Review Stage, click the All Jobs tab from your navigation bar and select Bulk Actions.


Select all jobs that should be included in the bulk edit. All selected jobs will appear with a check beside their name. When finished, click Edit: Stages/Interviews.


From the Edit Stages/Interviews page, navigate to the bottom of the list and click + Add a Stage.


From the subsequent dialog box, scroll down and click the Hiring Manager Review stage. Click Add.


Note: If one or more of the jobs selected for the bulk edit already has a Hiring Manager Review stage, the stage should already be present on the available stages. In this case, hover over the Hiring Manager Review stage and click Add to all.



Applications to Review Panel

The Hiring Manager Review stage is tied to users who are assigned the Hiring Manager role. Any user who is assigned to this role on a Hiring Team will need to review candidates in the Hiring Manager Review stage.

Applications for candidates in the Hiring Manager Review stage can be accessed from the My Dashboard page by navigating to the Applications to Review panel.


Once the Hiring Manager Review stage is added to an Interview Plan, reviewable applications can also be found from the Job Dashboard under the Pipeline panel