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Hiring Team Role: Recruiter


While every organization may define the Recruiter role slightly different, this article provides a general outline of a Recruiter's responsibilities and defines the tasks automatically assigned to a user who is a Recruiter for a job in Greenhouse.


Recruiter Responsibilities

Generally, a Recruiter guides the overall hiring process and creates the structure for success. Recruiters are typically responsible for building the scorecard, designing the interview process, drafting interview questions, and creating the outreach list. By default, users who are assigned to the Recruiter role for a job will be automatically assigned tasks such as:

  • Application Review
  • Advancing/Rejecting Candidates
  • Sending Scorecard Reminders
  • Managing alerts
  • etc... 


Assign a Recruiter at the Job Level

The Recruiter role can be set up at the job level so that all new candidates for the job are assigned to one Recruiter as they are added. While you can assign the Recruiter when defining the Hiring Team for a new job, in this section we will cover how to assign this role for an existing job.

Note: Assigning a Recruiter during the new job creation process requires that your organization enabled Hiring Team as a step in the job setup flow.

Alternatively, you can assign a Recruiter to a specific candidate and change that Recruiter at any time.

To assign a user to the Recruiter role at the job level, click All Jobs from the navigation bar and select the job from the subsequent list.


From the job page, click Job Setup and navigate to Hiring Team on the left-hand panel.


Click Edit inline with Recruiters.


Select users from the dropdown menu and click Save when finished.

Note: Only users with the appropriate permissions will populate in the dropdown menu. Please check the Who can see this job? panel on the job's Hiring Team page to ensure your user is assigned the appropriate permissions.



Change Recruiter for Individual Candidate  

To assign or change a recruiter for an individual candidate, navigate to that candidate's profile and click their Details tab.


From the candidate's Details tab, navigate to the Source & Responsibility section and click the Edit icon edit.pngnext to Recruiter.


Use the provided field to search for users in your organization. When finished, click Save.


View All Jobs For a Recruiter

To quickly view which users have been assigned to Recruiter roles, navigate to the All Jobs tab on your navigation bar.


From the All Jobs page, expand the Filter panel and navigate to the User field. Select a User from the dropdown menu. When finished, navigate to the Role field and select Recruiter from the dropdown menu.


All jobs that meet your specified criteria will populate in the list.


View All Candidates For a Recruiter

If you need to see all candidates assigned to a recruiter, click the All Candidates tab on your navigation bar and expand the Responsibility section on the left-hand panel.

Select a user from the Recruiter dropdown menu. Results will populate in the candidate list.