Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

You can tag another Greenhouse Recruiting user in a comment by typing the @ sign before the user’s name. This action is often referred to as @mentions (“at-mentions”).

Use @mentions to highlight a message or note in the following locations:

  • Application review
  • Private notes
  • Scorecards (Key Take-Aways, Public Notes, Private Notes, Custom Questions)
  • Approvals
  • Make a Note section on candidate profiles

Users with access to any of the features or pages listed above can create an @mention. 

Create an @mention

Mention a user by typing the "@" sign and selecting their name from the dropdown menu. 

Note: You must select the user's name from the dropdown menu so their name is highlighted in the text field. Typing a user's name without selecting from the dropdown list does not tag the user.

If you need to mention multiple users in a note, follow the instructions above and repeat for each user.

When you're finished with the note, click the Send button.

@mention email notification

When you've been tagged with an @mention, you'll receive an email notification. However, the email contents will be different based on your permission level. 

If the tagged user's permission level allows them to view the candidate's profile (for example, the user has Job Admin permissions on the role the candidate has applied for), the email notification includes the following:

  • The content of the note/message where the user was mentioned
  • A link to the candidate's profile

If the @mentioned user's permission level does not allow them to view the candidate's profile (for example, the user has Basic permissions and has not been scheduled to interview the candidate), the email notification includes the following: 

  • The content of the note/message where the user was @mentioned

Tagging a user who does not have permission to view the candidate's profile does not change the user's permissions or grant them visibility beyond the content of the note or message.

@mention Slack notification

Users who have enabled the Slack integration can choose to receive @mention notifications via Slack. These messages will be sent to your Slack direct messages. 

To enable Slack @mention notifications, click your initials in the top right corner and select Account Settings


From the Account Settings page, confirm the Slack integration is enabled or follow the steps here to enable it. Once the integration is enabled, click the toggle next to Send @mentions to Slack.


Moving forward, every time you're tagged, you'll get a Slack notification with the following information: 

  • The content of the profile or scorecard note where you were @mentioned
  • A link to the @mention on the candidate profile or scorecard
    • Like the email notifications, this link will only be included if the tagged user has permission to view the candidate's profile

Note: Users who enable Slack notifications for @mentions still will receive an email notification for each @mention. The email notification cannot be deactivated.