Sharing your company's diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative provides greater internal visibility into your priorities (including how you are defining these terms) and the intended impact of the initiative on the company. Likewise, by sharing your initiative with users at key moments you also have another opportunity to relay your expectations regarding how employees will contribute to building stronger and more diverse teams.

We believe it is important to share the vision for your company's DE&I initiative in your own words, so unlike the nudges included in Greenhouse Inclusion, Greenhouse does not provide your company with copy for this feature. Instead, we provide a space for you to present your company's message to users (with some framework questions to help you get started).

You will need to input the copy for your company's DE&I initiative before the feature can be activated. To start, navigate to the Inclusion page (Ellipsis icon Ellipsis.png > Inclusion) and click Configure tools to reduce bias


Scroll to the Company Initiative for Diversity and Inclusion section and click Configure


Enter your message explaining your company's DE&I initiative. Click Save when finished. 


Click the toggle inline with Share your company's initiative for building stronger, more diverse teams to activate the feature.



Company Initiative for DE&I in Greenhouse Recruiting

Once configured and activated, your company's DE&I explainer appears as a modal in select panes throughout Greenhouse Recruiting. 

From your Dashboard and Inclusion page, your company's DE&I initiative is displayed on the right panel. To read the entire explainer, click Read More.


Your company's DE&I initiative can also be accessed through activated Sourcing, Application Review, and Interviewing nudges by clicking Learn More.