In this article, we will cover the two features in Greenhouse Inclusion that, when activated, can help your organization maintain inclusive and diverse sourcing practices. Working with our partners, Paradigm and our academic advisory board, Greenhouse has provided the copy for both behavioral nudges. 

Nudges are timely reminders that help change behaviors by helping employees remember to engage in efforts to disrupt unconscious bias and promote inclusion. In regards to sourcing, non-intrusive nudges prompt employees to consider diversity in real-time when writing job posts and making referrals. Together, both nudges assist your organization in keeping the top of your hiring funnel diverse and inclusive. For more information on bias-reducing behavior, click here.


Add Inclusion Nudge When Editing Job Post Description


If the feature is toggled ON, an inclusion nudge will appear when a user creates or edits a job post to remind them to keep inclusivity top-of-mind.


Inclusive job descriptions motivate candidates from all backgrounds to apply, broadening your talent pool and making it more diverse. The inclusion nudge will remind the job post creator/editor to:

  • List only the qualifications that are necessary for the role
  • Avoid stereotypically masculine language
  • Communicate a growth mindset by using language that emphasizes learning and growth over innate abilities
  • Include benefits that appeal to a wide range of demographic groups


Add Inclusion Nudge When Adding a Referral


If the feature is toggled ON, an inclusion nudge will appear when a user is adding a new referral to the system.


The referral inclusion nudge will remind users to keep in mind how referring people from underrepresented backgrounds and with diverse experiences can help your organization grow.


Add Inclusion Nudge When Configuring Auto-Reject or Auto-Advance Application Rules

Note: Application Rules are available in the Advanced and Expert subscription tiers. 


If the feature is toggled ON, an inclusion nudge will appear when a user views existing Application Rules or creates a new Application Rule.



The Application Rules nudge reminds users to configure automated processes thoughtfully, and encourages them to configure Application Rules based on need-to-have qualifications that are directly relevant to the role.