There may be instances where a former employee in your organization has been rehired and needs to go through Greenhouse Onboarding again. For example, an intern who worked at your organization last summer is now coming onboard full time. In these cases, you can use Greenhouse Onboarding's rehire flow to:

  • Avoid duplicate profiles
  • Clear out field value for the rehired employee to fill in again
  • Update the employment status and start date
  • Assign a new Onboarding Plan to the rehired employee

Your organization can use the rehire flow if the former employee is already in Greenhouse Onboarding and is marked as terminated.

To initiate this process, add a new hire as you normally would with the same email that was listed in Greenhouse Onboarding for that employee. When you are ready, click Review Onboarding Plan.


Greenhouse Onboarding will recognize the duplicate information and a dialog box will appear to rehire the employee. Click Rehire Employee.


From there, you will be able to assign an Onboarding Plan to the rehired employee. Once an employee has been rehired, we cannot undo this action.