Permissions: Coordinator, Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Fields allow your organization to create and organize the presentation of the information you would like to collect from individuals being onboarded. As part of a new hire's onboarding experience, fields will be filled in by either the new hire or their manager and can be configured to be visible or hidden from other employees.

The employment status field is used to indicate a new hire's type of employment (such as part-time or full-time) and can be used as criteria to auto-assign specific tasks to the new hire's onboarding plan. The employment status field is pre-populated with default options that your organization can edit to match your unique need.

Employment status field overview

To view the employment status field, click Settings from your navigation bar, then select Fields under Company Info on the left.


On the Fields page, scroll to the Additional Information section and click Employment Status.

Note: The name of the employment Status field can be edited, so it's possible your organization has renamed the field.

From the Edit Field page, you can edit existing options, add new options, and configure field settings. Click here to learn more.

The Edit Field page includes the following sections:

  • Display name: The name of the field. Users will see this name associated with the dropdown throughout Greenhouse Onboarding.
  • Field type: The employment status field is a single-select field; this cannot be edited.
  • Selection options:
Column Name Description
Original value

The original value is assigned to each employment status option when the option is created. The original value is a unique identifier used on the backend of Greenhouse Onboarding to track the option, and accordingly cannot be edited. Editing the display name of an option will not change the option's original value.

Display Name

The display name is what your users will see listed in the dropdown when selecting an employment status option, as well as what will be displayed on a new hire's profile for the employment status field. Editing an option's display name will update the way the option is represented everywhere in your organization's Greenhouse Onboarding account.

External Value

The external value can be used in association with third-party integrations to an HRIS. This value can be updated for each option, allowing your team to enter exactly the data your integration partner needs to successfully sync data between Greenhouse Onboarding and their platform. If you aren't using any third-party integrations, you likely will not need to make any adjustments to this column.

Note: The Terminated employment status option cannot be edited and will not appear on the Edit field page. However, Terminated always will appear as an option in the employment status dropdown on an employee profile.

  • Field group: The employment status field is part of the Additional Information field group; this cannot be edited.
  • Corresponding GHR field (optional): Use this dropdown to map data from Greenhouse Recruiting automatically to Greenhouse Onboarding. To learn more about data mapping between Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding, please click here.

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