Delete employment status field option


The Employment Status field is used to indicate a New Hire's type of employment (part-time, contract, full-time, etc), and can be used as criteria to auto-assign specific tasks to the New Hire's onboarding plan. The Employment Status field is pre-populated with default options that your organization can edit to match your unique need.

In this article we will cover how to delete an option from the Employment Status field. 

Note: Deleting an Employment Status option is a permanent action which cannot be undone. Deleting an option will remove it from all uses throughout your organization's Greenhouse Onboarding account, including from employee profiles.

Begin by navigating to the Employment Status Edit Field page. From the noted page, double-click the Display name cell for the option you wish to delete.


Once the appropriate Display name cell is selected, delete all characters in the cell. Next, double-click the corresponding External value cell and delete all characters in the cell. 


Repeat these steps to remove as many options as needed. When you are finished with all changes, click Save at the bottom of the page.


If the Employment Status option(s) you are deleting is not used as a rule or on any employee profile, the change will be implemented with no further action required from you. 

If the Employment Status option(s) you are deleting is used as a rule or on any employee profiles, you will be prompted to confirm your requested changes. Click Confirm and save if appropriate, or click Cancel if you need to make additional edits.


The deleted option will no longer be used anywhere in Greenhouse Onboarding. The following changes will occur:

  • Rules previously configured based on this Employment Status option will be deleted,
  • Profiles assigned this option for the Employment Status field will no longer have any Employment Status option assigned

Note: Any rules based on the now-deleted Employment Status option that were already in progress / assigned before the option was deleted will remain in effect.